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Where can I buy rose petals?

Is there any where in Toronto or surrounding area that I can buy rose petals?

Where can I buy rose petals?
If you're looking for real rose petals call your local florist - if the fake ones will work check out a craft store - they have them in many colors!

Hope this helps! Good luck on your search!

How do i preserve rose petals that have already dried to frame them?

I have rose petals and i would like to frame them for a friend, they have already dried natrally ( i havn't pressed them) and i would like to preserve them, is there anything i can put on them like a mix of pva and water?. before i put them in the frame.

How do i preserve rose petals that have already dried to frame them?
vasaline works really well. paint a thin coat with a thick brush in 1 sweep, like you put on nail varnish
Reply:Hairspray also work as a sealant. I've never tried Vaseline, but it sounds right. maybe spray them afterward, to lock in the greasy coating.
Reply:A freind of mine tried pva and water and the leaves she used went mouldy in the winter. There are spray glues you can get for this kind of project, they're a bit expensive but easier to use.
Reply:you could vacuum seel them in a bag
Reply:the only thing i can suggest is to press them
Reply:when I was last in Singapore they were selling orchids dipped in gold, give it a try.....................

or try a second or two in the microwave, I dry herbs this way but it tends to make them brittle

my fish

On the news today - compensation for slipping on a tulip petal? Your thoughts?

So bad, UK moving this way now!

On the news today - compensation for slipping on a tulip petal? Your thoughts?
Its as bad as that kid getting £5,000 compensation for hurting himself!.....oh yeah!, he was trying to break into a primary school and fell off the roof!.
Reply:During the winter, I can walk miles over wet leaves and ice without slipping, even after a few beers... makes you wonder how ONE petal could cause someone to slip and do so much damage.
Reply:For that amount of money, I'd slip on a whole bunch of the things!

Seriously, the amount is exhorbitant, in my opinion. However, she was told! And repeatedly, if the newspapers are to be believed. I don't understand how little her insurance is though.

I fell three years ago in a pothole in the road. I didn't sue anyone, but sometimes I wish I had. I had an operation two months ago to repair it. So I have a certain sympathy with

the guy, if he is as injured as he says he is.

But it still is far too much money ....
Reply:Really never seen that, but that is ridiculous
Reply:I wonder if his back problems would go away if he lost a bit of weight? This is getting a bit nuts in both the UK and US, heck we have one judge over here suing for $54 million for misplaced pants at a dry cleaner.
Reply:I was listening to a conversation on the radio about this and other ways that people have received compensation.

Appartantly now, Back Stroke is banned in some schools so that they can avoid any children potentially banging their heads at the end of the swimming pool and their parents sueing the school for negligence.

Reply:What do you call 10,000 attorneys on the bottom of the ocean?

A good start.
Reply:USA yesterday UK today, The whole ambulance chasing culture has jumped the pond.

The whole world has gone mad!

Stop the world I wanna get off............

Thanks for the link Toietmoi.

If he wasnt so fat he could have seen where he was going and would have done less damage to himself.

The security guard described the petal as a 'killer,' or was that the fall?

Reply:I'd need a link to the news item before commenting. (Wouldn't want to look like a total moron without at least an overview, right?) Can you edit to add one? Thanks in advance.
Reply:It looks like that the flower shop owner was warned before about hazards and she failed her duty of care to do something about it.

Hazard is the potential to cause harm. Knives can be hazard in certain situation and not in another situation. The same with paper, water, tulips etc

For example, if a tulip was near an electricity plug then that is a hazard as it may cause fire.

The issue here is not the tulip. It is whether the florist has failed her duty of care to minimise hazard and the judge accepted that she has.

The amount of compensation has nothing to do with the tulip. It reflects the amount of damage caused and it is up to the judge to decide what an appropriate sum is.

"The judge found that the Chiltern Railway Company - responsible for running the station - had shown 'mounting frustration' at the flower shop's failure to keep the area free of hazards"

"The court heard how e-mails were sent both before and after the accident pointing out that there was debris which could pose a potential hazard to commuters"
Reply:my thoughts are that the entire nation has become one bg cesspool of lazzy people who refuse to do honest work and then when they do something stupid they refuse to accept responsibility and sue for it. all for some money that they think will make them happy, but it never will.
Reply:not allowed to tell you on here but just say money motivates some folk to desperation
Reply:wots the world comin today

i think i'll sue god for breathin wot do u think ?
Reply:ban two lips.
Reply:This may explain why some areas affected by the flooding are struggling financially. I was reading the news in Hull and the council had to cut back on insurance for some council owned buildings as a cost cutting measure before the floods. They are now going to struggle to pay to get the damage fixed.

Why do councils need cost cutting measures? For all the people like this who demand compensation for ultimately was an accident. I don't know about anyone else but I try and watch where I am walking.
Reply:People like this really annoy me - I dont doubt he has suffered since his brush with petal of doom but are his mobilty difficulties now really down to just this one incident...? It looks doubtful..

Why do we want the american compensation culture here?

Look where you are going - if you dont and you slip - tough

If there is a real health and safety issue and an accident is caused by gross negligance then fine, those responsible should be held accountable.A petal on a floor outside a florist stall is not negligance on behalf of the florist. I really feel for the owner.

Accidents happen- live with it. Sorry - these sort of people out to make a fast buck really do wind me up!!!!
Reply:Think its a bit bloody harsh really, as there was no cctv footage of the incident, only the statement of a so called eyewitness, who lets face it for a wedge of some of the compensation money will have done what plenty before him have and played a very good part, In this day and age it is all too easy to seduce people with money etc, but just as easy to also be in cahoots with another for the financial gain, believe me this happens alot, and when it does both parties win, apart from the flower seller that is!

What tree has clumps of tiny white flowers with light stripes on the petals?

I tried to id it online, but I have no idea what the leaves look like since they haven't budded yet.

What tree has clumps of tiny white flowers with light stripes on the petals?
dog woods. my grandma had some. she said the stripes are the blood from jesus crist since they made his cross out of dogwood she is very religious
Reply:i think your talking about dog woods

Where can I buy chocolate covered rose petals or does anyone have a recipe?

Most cake decorating shops should have these if not you could make your own.

You will need a pastry brush, cooking chocolate, melted in a bowl on a pan of hot water, and some rose petals that have been washed and dried.

Brush the melted chocolate onto the underneath of the petal, VERY GENTLY.

Place on a tray in the freezer for about 10 minutes.

Take out and peel the petal off.

You have chocolate petals.

You can do the same with leaves.

Where can I buy chocolate covered rose petals or does anyone have a recipe?
Try looking through this free E-book, it's got 490 award winning recipes.

What is strong as metal, yet soft as a petal, and brings life to some, but death to others?

playing a game and need the answer to this riddle please help

What is strong as metal, yet soft as a petal, and brings life to some, but death to others?
god/mother nature

Mercury also describes what women look for in men.

Strong with a soft side, gives us motherhood, and kills the need to have to look for other men :) lol
Reply:It's a spiderweb. A spider's web is insanely strong more so than one would is also soft as a petal....brings life to the spider in the web and death to the insects that the spider lives off of.
Reply:a woman?
Reply:Breath-- Your breath can be strong, and soft enough to whisper in a loved ones ear, then bring life thru mouth to mouth resuscitation and then if you don't take breaths, you'll die.
Reply:i guess a spider web or love
Reply:MERCURY! It IS metal, but it's liquid. It can bring life, but it can also kill.

"Mercury, also called quicksilver, is a chemical element in the periodic table that has the symbol Hg (Latinized Greek: hydrargyrum, meaning watery or liquid silver) and atomic number 80. A heavy, silvery transition metal, mercury is one of five elements that are liquid at or near standard room temperature (the others are the metals caesium, francium, and gallium, and the nonmetal bromine). Mercury is used in thermometers, barometers and other scientific apparatus, although the use of mercury in thermometers has been largely phased out in clinical and scientific environments (in favor of alcohol-filled, digital or thermistor-based replacements) due to concerns about the element's toxicity. Mercury is still used in dental amalgam. Mercury is mostly obtained by reduction from the mineral cinnabar. Mercury, like lead, is a neurotoxin, and elevated blood mercury levels have led to retardation and deformities in children."
Reply:water .

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Is it ok for a cat to eat rose petals?

This question was asked by others but I would like a definitive answer from someone who knows. Maybe a veternarian or vetinary student? My cat likes the red rose petals (Lincoln Roses) from our garden. Ok for the cat to eat, yes or no? And why?

Is it ok for a cat to eat rose petals?
Your cat can still enjoy the rose petals...and clover, too! Our cats loved our rose garden, but would only eat the botton flowers, so we didnt' mind. We even planted extra for them! I worked as a volunteer to ASPCA for many years. It is okay!
Reply:NO!!! Your cat is going to die a slow, yet horrible death!!! Just Kidding. The cat will be fine.
Reply:Most of us are surrounded by plants, both wild and cultivated, in our homes and gardens and come to no harm. However, a small percentage of these plants have the potential to cause harm to ourselves and our cats.

Who is at risk ?

Most cats are fastidious creatures and are careful what they eat. Poisoning in cats is therefore generally rare. It is the young, inquisitive cat or kitten that is most at risk of eating harmful plants, particularly household ones. Boredom also has a part to play. When a cat is confined to a run or lives entirely indoors hazardous plants should be removed from its environment. Cats given free access to the outside world tend to have other things to occupy their minds than sampling unfamiliar vegetation. But even free roaming adult cats may accidentally ingest needles or seeds that have become entangled in their coat during grooming.

Cats don't eat plants !

All plants, even grass, can have an irritating effect on a cat's gastrointestinal system causing them to vomit. But, given the opportunity, cats like to nibble on grass. When not available their attention may turn to often less suitable household plants. Tender plants are generally a favourite. Particularly dangerous is Diffenbachia (dumb cane).

Preventive action

Remove all potentially hazardous household plants to prevent unnecessary exposure. This is especially important for kittens or cats kept indoors. A list of plants that are unsuitable to grow in a house with cats is given below.

Outdoors the story is not so simple. Free roaming cats have access to many gardens so it will be impossible to prevent all possible contact with potentially harmful plants. You can however remove the most toxic plants from your garden and make a note of any in your neighbour's gardens that are potentially dangerous. List common and Latin names. This list may help your vet if poisoning is suspected.

You can also ensure that any new additions to the garden are safe. The Horticultural Trade Association has a code of practice for its members and most garden centres and nurseries label plants that are toxic or cause skin reactions. Plants are grouped into three categories: A Poisonous; B Toxic if eaten; and C Harmful if eaten. You are unlikely to find a category A plant on sale - Poison Ivy being one example. Category B plants should be avoided. After gardening, never leave hedge clippings or uprooted plants near pets. Their novelty value may encourage inquisitive chewing. Sap from damaged stems can cause skin irritation as well as being poisonous. Bulbs, rhizomes and roots can be the most hazardous parts of some plants.

Hazardous plants

The following is a fairly comprehensive list of plants that are potentially poisonous or harmful to your cat when eaten. Contact with some of the plants listed may be sufficient to cause skin irritation (marked *) It is often the fruit or seeds of plants that are potentially harmful. Many of us are already familiar with plants that carry really toxic berries such as Deadly Nightshade. Only a small quantity of these need to be eaten for a fatal result. Other plants in the list may come as a surprise - Daffodils for example. Here, however, it is the bulb that causes harm if ingested.

The fact that the list contains some very common plants should not be cause for concern. Most of these potentially harmful plants taste bad and are unlikely to be eaten in sufficient quantities to cause permanent damage. Woody garden plants are also unlikely to be eaten by your cat - tender household plants pose most risk.

Hazardous plants

House plants



Castor Oil Plant, see Ricinus

Christmas Cherry, see Solanum

Chrysanthemum, see Dendranthema


Croton, see Codiaeum


Dumb cane, see Dieffenbachia

Dieffenbachia *

Devil's Ivy, see Epipremnum aureum

Elephant's Ear, see Alocasia, Caladium

Epipremnum aureum


Holly, see Ilex

Hypoestes phyllostachya


Ivy, see Hedera

Mistletoe, see Viscum

Nerium oleander

Oleander see Nerium


Poinsettia, see Euphorbia


Star of Bethlehem, see Ornithogalum umbellatum

Umbrella Plant, see Schefflera

Zebra Plant, see Aphelandra

Garden plants

Abrus precatorius

Aconitum *



Agrostemma githago




Alstroemeria *



Angel's Trumpets, see Brugmansia

Angel Wings, see Caladium

Apricot, see Prunus armeniaca






Avocado, see Persea americana

Azalea, see Rhododendron

Baneberry, see Actaea

Bird of Paradise, see Strelitzia

Black-eyed Susan, see Thunbergia

Bloodroot, see Sanguinaria

Box, see Buxus

Broom, see Cytisus



Buckthorn, see Rhamnus

Burning Bush, see Dictamnus

Buttercup, see Ranunculus


Cherry Laurel see Prunus laurocerasus

Chincherinchee see Ornithogalum



Caltha *



Centaurea cyanus


Chrysanthemum see Dendranthema



Columbine see Aquilegia


Convallaria majalis

Corncockle, see Agrostemma githago

Cornflower, see Centaurea cyanus


Crocus, see Colchicum

x Cupressocyparis leylandii *



Daffodil, see Narcissus

Daphne *

Datura *



Dendranthema *




Echium *


Euphorbia *

Elder, see Sambucus

False acacia, see Robinia



Flax see Linum

Frangula see Rhamnus

Fremontodendron *

Foxglove see Digitalis

Four o'clock: see Mirabilis jalapa



Giant Hog Weed, see Heracleum mantegazzianum

Gloriosa superba

Glory Lily see Gloriosa

Hedera *

Helleborus *

Hemlock, see Conium

Henbane, see Hyoscyamus

Heracleum mantegazzianum


Holly, see Ilex

Horse-chestnut, see Aesculus







Ivy, see Hedera



Juniperus sabina





Larkspur, see Delphinium


Lily of the Valley, see Convallaria



Lobelia (except bedding Lobelia) *

Lords and Ladies (Cuckoo pint), see Arum


Lycopersicon *


Madagascar periwinkle, see Catharanthus

Marigold, see Tagetes


Mirabilis jalapa

Monkswood, see Aconitum

Morning Glory, see Ipomoea


Nerium oleander


Nightshade, deadly, see Atropa

Nightshade, woody, see Solanum

Oak, see Quercus

Onion, see Allium





Peach, see Prunus persica

Peony, see Paeonia


Persea americana



Phytolacca *

Pokeweed, see Phytolacca

Poppy, see Papaver


Primula obconica *

Privet see Ligustrum

Prunus armeniaca

Prunus laurocerasus

Prunus persica


Rhamus (including R.frangula)


Rhus *



Rosary pea, see Abrus precatorius

Rubber plant, see Ficus


Rue, see Ruta




Schefflera *


Skunk cabbage, see Lysichiton

Snowdrop, see Galanthus



Solomon's seal, see Polygonatum

Spindle Tree, see Euonymus

Spurge, see Euphorbia


Sumach, see Rhus

Sweet pea, see Lathyrus





Tobacco, see Nicotiana

Tomato, see Lycopersicon

Thornapple, see Datura

Thuja *

Tulipa *




Yew, see Taxus

* Contact with these plants may be sufficient to cause skin irritation

Roses are not on this long list of toxic plants.
Reply:No is not good for your cat to eat rose petals as it could kill him or do some serious damage to your cat. I would do everything that I could to stop him from doing so.
Reply:If the petals are plastic no.But if its real petals then your cat needs vitamins.
Reply:It wont hurt the cat but there are some that will harm the cat such as Pointsetters

I just got a wah petal?

what are some good wah petal songs?

I'm more of a lead than a rythum player on the electric guitar.

I wanna sound like pornographic background music.

any suggestions?

I just got a wah petal?
Ain't Superstitious- Jeff Beck Group

She's Not There- Santana (cover of the Zombies song)

Heartbreaker- The Rolling Stones

White Room- Cream

And like the first guy mentioned, Jimi was probably the master of using the wah pedal. If you're really after the porno soundtrack sound, check out the theme from Shaft (Isaac Hayes).
Reply:Tales of Brave Ulysses- Cream
Reply:You mean a pedal...? Voodoo Child by Jimi Hendrix is a great lead with the wah wah.
Reply:No one uses the wah petal better than Buckethead. If you've never heard of him, he is a virtuoso guitarist that wears a KFC bucket on his head and wears sort of white Kabuki mask. He may look kinda creepy, but he is totally awesome.

Check out Pepper's Ghost album, particularly the title track and Callbox for some awesome wah-wah pedal melodies.

Also, off of his Inbred Mountain, the song Lotus Island has great wah-wah.

He has so many albums (23 solo), he is one of the most prolific musicans on the planet, he released 3 more albums on October 30, 2007!

Check out Wikipedia under Buckethead and click on


Hiking Shoes

What are your thoughts after reading this?

Aura of the Rose

A single red rose rests upon a grand piano, reveling in its own delicate beauty. The room contains no walls; its boundaries are limitless. A rich, midnight black is present throughout the atmosphere. Though the room exists boundless, the rose possesses a divine aura, which blossoms in the eyes of many. It signifies a vast number of things… A petal dropped for Loneliness… A petal shed for Hope… A petal given for Romance… A petal kept for Solitude… Yet, somewhere, amidst all of its meanings, lays a hushed heavenly elegance.

*** ** ** * * ** * *

I'm not asking for a critique, but I'm open to that if you wish to do so. I want to know what your thoughts are after reading this. What does it make you think of? Does it evoke any particular emotions? Thought-out reflections are appreciated.


What are your thoughts after reading this?
my first thought is this: if the room is boundless and limitless, what is the grand piano resting on? Or is it floating? Why does the rose need to be on a piano? Why can't it just be? You have these objects in a room, but the room is limitless - which means it is not in a room at all bc a room implies boundaries.

It would "feel" better to me if the rose was alone in the "rich, midnight black". perhaps the fallen petals are floating around in the same area as the rose.
Reply:To be honest, it doesn't have any effect on me....
Reply:Very forced, inelegant and juvenile.
Reply:~~~ wow,,,,,I have to totally agree with the (no name) person that gave you second answer. I found Aura of the Rose to be very soothing in a way,,,,and yet profound......also almost like a dream one would have. If you wrote this,,,I am impressed and I think you did well... thank you for sharing with us all.....
Reply:Engaging. A reflection off of the unreachable walls of space and time.
Reply:I think that you presented a very beautiful picture of something there.

You definitely have a talent for doing that - I would explore it if I were you.

That was excellent!

Reply:The rose is there alone, lonely. There are no walls, signifying no limitations, anything goes, therefore there is no stability. The rose is happy with itself, but wanting to help others.
Reply:my thoughts after reading this......I felt that the rose represents the heart.....with its divine aura, filled with love and hope, being delicate and beautiful...feeling lonely at times, much like our hearts....but no matter how small it may seem in the large scheme of things...its pedals have the capacity to blossom and hold limitless meanings...thus giving us its heavenly elegance, which is the most beautiful part of all...
Reply:A petal cut for war... A petal lost for greif... A petal taken for greed....

the rose is me and you and all of us. we lose things and loves, just like we gain them. the world is at our fingertips yet we're content to lay in our own love, lust, greif, happiness, solitude, anger, relief. and just when we think no one notices us bloom or wither or get dug up , some one notices our beauty, or waters us, or gives us new dirt to go through the struggle again.

but what do i know.
Reply:It seems to mean that something is taken from you when you are lonely or hopeful. Romance adds something to a life and solitude is not good or bad. The rose represents a human life with its beauty and endless opportunities.
Reply:A very exotic image, full of divinity and meaning, signifying nothing.
Reply:You have potential, however editing the 'requested' comments to get the answer you want will limit your growth potential. Even the weakest of replies can be a catalyst for positive change. Technically, you are asking for a critique.

Many classic songs, poems and symbolism is powered by the use of the Red Rose.

Before critiquing your work, I would recommend you study and apply the Classic usage of symbolism in a more eloquent manner. The British writers of the 1800's were masters of this area of botanical interpretations. There is a standard definition used for over 100 years now.

This presentation is not open for thought, it is "forced fed" to "feel" what you want them to feel about your interpretation of that meaning. I liken it to a "romance novel" that is more detail than depth, and is shallow in its literary substance. It is novice writing and only experience and grammer usage will "you" master this brilliant artform- WORDS!

Keep up the hard work. Please your own soul.

To personally align with literature is what creates the integrity of the work of art that inspires the reader to continue and want to experience more of the adventure.

Best wishes

Car starts stuttering when i put the petal to the floor now??!?

mazda mx6 v6. quits for a while, then will do again if i rev back up. just got car back from fixin cause rpm would shoot up then it would stall out when im driving it, (myt have seen previos quest). had diognostics done, nothing wrong. im gunna take it back 2mrw but just want insight.

Car starts stuttering when i put the petal to the floor now??!?
Most likely a fuel pump problem

4/10 - Fuel pumps aren't overly expensive, the labor to install will be the larger part of the cost. Bottom line is you want to get this fixed - what happens if this car dies while crossing a railroad track and the train is coming - this is not something to wait on.
Reply:could be the rev limiter or vacuum leak
Reply:happened to me, must be a fuel pump prob. go to a car place and get some seafoam and put that into ur car. good to go
Reply:if it goes away it might be a fuel pump but i think its your fuel regulator its loosing pressure. also called bleed off. the regulator is weak and cant hold the pressure so the engine sputters until the pressure catches up and runs better. to test it you have to put the car under load and rev it up which most shops can not do. that is what dynos are good for besides just seeing how much hp your engine needs. the shops that have these are the one that test for smog before you go to test at a smog station.

fuel pressure increases as the load and rpms get higher. thats why most poeple think its the pump.



Category Fuel Pressure Regulator MAZDA

Item Number FRMMX6V6


Name MX6/MX-6 2.5L DOHC V6 1993-1997 MODELS

Price $105.00 US
Reply:possible fuel filter problem or fuel pump problem.

1954 dodge with newer power brakes How do you ensure your master clyinder will serve the 6 brake cylinders?

I have a hard petal that will not stop the car when the vacuum is disconnected and a soft petal going close to the floor when the vacuum is on. On the vacuum it says Bendex 12305 and on the master cylinder it has 1534 and R14. There is no adjustment on the petal rod.I bleed and bleed and bleed the lines so there is no air.

My question is how do you tell if the master cylinder is large enough to service the brake cylinders? I have 6 brake cylinders, 2 on each of the back drums and 1 each on the front. How do I find the right power brake unit to do the job? All brakes are shoes. The unit that is on it when I bought it is a benix 12305 vsacuum and a 1534 or R14 2 cylinder master brake . Petal is soft when applied with vacuum attached but hard with out. Without it will not stop the truck. Help!!


Nanaimo B.C,

1954 dodge with newer power brakes How do you ensure your master clyinder will serve the 6 brake cylinders?
Neat ride...

Personally, I would go ahead and see how expensive it would be to do a complete upgrade to at least disc fronts. I am not very familiar with the old Dodges, but I know the older Fords with twin I-beam front ends can be upgraded to disc front brakes by finding a newer donor truck (typically from the mid 70s through the early 90s)

If I remember right the Dodges stayed with the solid axle front end for quite a while, so there may be later model trucks with disc brakes on a solid I-beam axle, but you would probably need the spindles, the newer rear brakes, the master cyl and booster, and the metering block off the donor.

Again, I must say that I am not familiar with older Dodges, as I owned GMs and Fords. I do know that there are many aftermarket companies that can help you. Check out the following sites for more info:

Good luck!
Reply:I can't answer your question,but I have a few. Your power booster unit is mounted on the frame or on the master cylinder on the fire wall? Are all brakes adjusted properly? What is the condition of the brake hoses? Are your front wheel bearings adjusted?. What condition are the shoes in and are they mounted on the backing plates properly? Are any of the contact points on the brake adjusters and Wheel cylinders angled and if so are the angles matching up?

Can one understand life or the meaning of it?

If you try to understand a flower, what will you understand? In your attempt to understand it, maybe you will pull it apart petal by petal. But you will understand nothing. Maybe you will know the chemistry of it. Maybe you will analyze everything and then you will conclude everything is proton, neutron, and electron. All that is fine, but you will not know anything about the flower.

~ Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev

how does this speak to you?

Can one understand life or the meaning of it?
Understanding the life means being the life,not analysing the

life.To understand a flower first you must disappear as the ego.If ego is there it does not understand the flower,it just categorises according to name and form.
Reply:Seeing beauty in a flower could awaken humans, however briefly, to the beauty that is an essential part of their own innermost being, their true nature. The first recognition of beauty was one of the most significant events in the evolution of human consciousness. The feeling of joy and love are intrinsically connected to that recognition. Flowers would become for us an expression in form of that which is most high, most sacred, and ultimately formless within ourselves. Flowers would become like messengers from another realm. They not only had a scent that was delicate and pleasing to humans, but also brought a fragrance from the realm of spirit. Using the word " enlightenment"

Most humans see only the outer forms, unaware of the inner essence, just as they are unaware of their own essence and identify only with their own physical and psychological form.

In the case of a flower, a crystal, precious stone, or bird, however, even someone with little or no Presence can occasionally sense that there is more there than the mere physical existence of the form, without knowing that this is the reason why he or she is drawn toward it. Feels an affinity with it.

Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev: An Indian Yogi and Mystic. The Founder of Isha Foundation.
Reply:As you point out, dissection merely reveals the parts...but it does not reveal the essence of something. To experience that essence, one must be "with" it, breathing it, merged with it. This applies equally to people, things, and situations. Too easily the mind takes over and steers us away from full emergence with what is, by directing us to a limited "take" on it. To be "alive" is to enter into the streaming Life Force as it presents Itself...being one with It moment by moment. An analogy is the reading of a beautiful novel, well written, with language that evokes wonderful images. If one were to try to define the writer's motivation, word selection, organization, etc., one would fall away from the moving experience itself and be left with the nuts and bolts of scaffolding and structure only. The parts do not replicate the whole, for they divert and deconstruct the magnificence of the flowing entirety of the original experience. Only by immersing onself in the experience itself can the essence be known.

i am Sirius
Reply:Life is a dream scape formed in the imagination of Mind, and has neither complexity of function nor meaning until mind attempts to understand or to assign meaning.

How far away is the farthest star? It is the same as asking, how large is your telescope?

We can know everything, and still we would know nothing, as the grass maliciously grows beneath our feet, and we can never know why.
Reply:"Maybe" is a +/- spinor; if one is One Mind Soul-individuated, and able to regard [human] "life" with Grace, one under-stands a la Plato, Plotinus, and Saint Thomas More.

"The Path of the Higher Self," Mark Prophet, gives adequate directions and instructions as to Realization, and hence "understanding life."
Reply:We cannot understand the essence of things; we can only understand the signs and meanings, and from there we reach into deeper mysteries.

Life is an incessant discovery the mysteries in the creation of the One True God.

And this can be done only through the Revelation of the successive Messengers of God.

Reply:Understanding need not always mean application of thoughts, methods, science and so on.Wordless, thoughtless, body-less understanding by pure, reflexive and instantaneous experiencing can fetch understanding for us which we may not be able to put it in words for us or others, but the being has absorbed and starts reflecting in behaviour. So, why the hell we want only one prescription( science, thoughts ) of understanding!

I get a headache when I try

to think that deep.

If I think too long on it...

then I am wasting moments of my life.

And that sure as heck would suck.

I hate wasting moments of my life.

I plan to get all my

questions answered when

I get to those pearly gates!

Reply:Yes, it won't be known by analysis or by mental speculation. It won't even be known by austerity alone. It can be known by loving service to God.

Bhagavad Gita says,.."To those who are constantly devoted and worship Me with love, I give the understanding by which they can come to Me."
Reply:Who gives life to Lotus leaf/flower floating in a lake?

Lotus leaf / flower will get dried unless it RETURNS to the lake- waters.

So is our LIFE. RETURN to the SOURCE and become immortal.
Reply:There is a knowing beyond intellect that is not mine or yours or anyones. It is where understanding and meaning need no permissions, or analysis but which playfully mocks the towers of wisdom we build with our intellectuality.
Reply:If you have to ask this question, you are abusing the gift of life. You are question it instead of doing it.
Reply:Hari hari Baba! This human life is meant for understanding the truth and no other purpose.
Reply:Most persons do not even suspect the existence of God and naturally they are not very keen about God. There are others who, through the influence of tradition, belong to some faith or another and catch the belief in the existence of God from their surroundings. Their faith is just strong enough to keep them bound to certain rituals, ceremonies or beliefs and rarely possesses that vitality which is necessary to bring about a radical change in one’s entire attitude towards life. There are still others who are philosophically minded and have an inclination to believe in the existence of God either because of their own speculations or because of the assertions of others. For them, God is at best an hypothesis or an intellectual idea. Such lukewarm belief in itself can never be sufficient incentive for launching upon a serious search for God. Such persons do not know of God from personal knowledge, and for them God is not an object of intense desire or endeavor.

This is a synopsis of a book entitled "God Speaks." The book was written in 1955 by Meher Baba and explains the meaning of life.

Life is a journey that God is traveling.

The first phase of God's journey is evolution. It is initiated from a totally unconscious God as if an infinite Ocean of Knowledge, Power and Bliss were in a state likened to deep sleep. This unconscious God speaks the First Word "Who am I?". This question disrupts the limitless, undivided, absolute vacuum, and its reverberations create individualized souls, compared to drops or bubbles within the Ocean. By speaking the First Word, God establishes the process of Creation, in which he assumes evolving forms to gain increasing consciousness.

Individuality is the vehicle of this quest. Evolution marks a series of temporary answers to "Who am I?" The soul traverses a multitude of forms, beginning with simples gases and proceeding slowly through inanimate stone and mineral forms. These early evolutionary stages obviously have only the most rudimentary consciousness and cannot provide a satisfactory answer to God's original question.

The original query thus provides a continuing momentum for the drop soul to develop new forms each with greater consciousness, including the many plant and animal beings. Every evolutionary kingdom reveals new dimensions of consciousness and experience. Each also offers opportunities to gain different kinds of awareness. For example, when the soul identifies itself with varied species of fish, it experiences the world as a creature living in water conversely, as a bird, it enriches its consciousness by flying through air.

When the drop soul finally evolves to human form, consciousness is fully developed, but an individual is still not aware of the potential of his or her consciousness.

So the original "Who am I?" imperative persists and inaugurates the second phase: reincarnation. Since consciousness is fully developed, there is no longer a need for evolving new forms. The individual's experience, gathered in early stages of evolution, is now humanized and expressed in countless lifetimes. The impulses gained in sub-human forms can play themselves out in the broader context of intelligence, emotions, choices, diverse setting and interactions with people.

But obviously no single lifetime can bear the burden of "humanizing" the entire evolutionary inheritance randomly or simultaneously. There must be a method for re-experiencing the pre-human legacy in manageable segments. The soul thus experiences alternately a series of opposites, organized according to themes. Accordingly, in different lives, the soul becomes male and female, rich and poor, vigorous and weak, beautiful and ugly. Through exploring the potential of these many opposites, one eventually exhausts all possible human identities and, therefore, has fully learned the entire range of human experience.

Here begins the third phase: involution, the process by which the soul returns to the full awareness of the Divine Force, which created him. As Meher Baba puts it, "When the consciousness of the soul is ripe for disentanglement from the gross world (the everyday world of matter and forms), it enters the spiritual path and turns inward."

Like evolution, involution has certain states and stages, consisting of "planes" and "realms." But individuality continues along this spiritual path, and there are as many ways to God as there are souls.

Each new plane denotes a state of being that differs from the states that proceeded it. The first three planes are within the subtle world or domain of energy, "pran." There follows the fourth plane, the threshold of the mental world, where misuse of great power for personal desire can lead to disintegration of consciousness.

The fifth and sixth planes represent true sainthood, which is understood to be increasing intimacy with God as the Beloved. On the sixth plane, the mind itself becomes the inner eye that sees God everywhere and in everything. "The loving of God and the longing for His union," says Meher Baba "is fully demonstrated in the sixth plane of consciousness."

The seventh plane marks true and lasting freedom. Impressions go. Duality goes. The drops burst and again become the Ocean. God answers his question of "Who am I?" with "I am God." The Infinite has returned to the original starting point. He now knows, however, with full consciousness and full awareness that he was, is and always will be infinite with infinite Knowledge, Power and Bliss. And he realizes that the entire journey has been an illusory dream, the purpose of which is the full awakening of his soul.
Reply:The philosophical question "What is the meaning of life?" means different things to different people. The vagueness of the query is inherent in the word "meaning", which opens the question to many interpretations, such as: "What is the origin of life?", "What is the nature of life (and of the universe in which we live)?", "What is the significance of life?", "What is valuable in life?", and "What is the purpose of, or in, (one's) life?". These questions have resulted in a wide range of competing answers and arguments, from scientific theories, to philosophical, theological, and spiritual explanations.

These questions are separate from the scientific issue of the boundary between things with life and inanimate objects.

Popular beliefs

"What is the meaning of life?" is a question many people ask themselves at some point during their lives, most in the context "What is the purpose of life?" Here are some of the many potential answers to this perplexing question. The responses are shown to overlap in many ways but may be grouped into the following categories:

Survival and temporal success live every day like it is your last and to do your best at everything that comes before you be always satisfied live, go to school, work, and die participate in natural human evolution, or to contribute to the gene pool of the human race advance technological evolution, or to actively develop the future of intelligent life compete or co-operate with others destroy others who harm you, or to practice nonviolence and nonresistance gain and exercise power leave a legacy, such as a work of art or a book eat prepare for death spend life in the pursuit of happiness, maybe not to obtain it, but to pursue it relentlessly. produce offspring through sexual reproduction (alike to participating in evolution) protect and preserve one's kin, clan, or tribe (akin to participating in evolution) seek freedom, either physically, mentally or financially observe the ultimate fate of humanity to the furthest possible extent seek happiness and flourish, experience pleasure or celebrate survive, including the pursuit of immortality through scientific means attempt to have many sexual conquests (as in Arthur Schopenhauer's will to procreate) find and take over all free space in this "game" called life seek and find beauty kill or be killed

...No point. Since having a point is a condition of living human consciousness. Animals do not need a point to live or exist. It is more of an affliction of consciousness that there are such things as points, a negative side to evolutionary development for lack of better words.

Wisdom and knowledge master and know everything be without questions, or to keep asking questions expand one's perception of the world explore, to expand beyond our frontiers learn from one's own and others' mistakes seek truth, knowledge, understanding, or wisdom understand and be mindful of creation or the cosmos lead the world towards a desired situation satisfy the natural curiosity felt by humans about life

Ethical express compassion follow the "Golden Rule" give and receive love work for justice and freedom live in peace with yourself and each other, and in harmony with our natural environment protect humanity, or more generally the environment serve others, or do good deeds

Religious and spiritual find perfect love and a complete expression of one's humanness in a relationship with God achieve a supernatural connection within the natural context achieve enlightenment and inner peace become like God, or divine glorify God experience personal justice (i.e. to be rewarded for goodness) experience existence from an infinite number of perspectives in order to expand the consciousness of all there is (i.e. to seek objectivity) be a filter of creation between heaven and hell produce useful structure in the universe over and above consumption (see net creativity) reach Heaven in the afterlife seek and acquire virtue, to live a virtuous life turn fear into joy at a constant rate achieving on literal and metaphorical levels: immortality, enlightenment, and atonement understand and follow the "Word of God" discover who you are resolve all problems that one faces, or to ignore them and attempt to fully continue life without them, or to detach oneself from all problems faced

Philosophical give life meaning participate in the chain of events which has led from the creation of the universe until its possible end (either freely chosen or determined, this is a subject widely debated amongst philosophers) know the meaning of life achieve self-actualisation

...all possible meanings have some validity in itself has no meaning, for its purpose is an opportunity to create that meaning, therefore: die simply live until one dies (there is no universal or celestial purpose)

...nature taking its course (the wheel of time keeps on turning)

...whatever you see you see, as in "projection makes perception"

...there is no purpose or meaning whatsoever may actually not exist, or may be illusory ) contemplate "the meaning of the end of life"

Other contribute to collective meaning ("we" or "us") without having individual meaning ("I" or "me") find a purpose, a "reason" for living that hopefully raises the quality of one's experience of life, or even life in general participate in the inevitable increase in entropy of the universe make conformists' lives miserable make life as difficult as possible for others (i.e. to compete)-

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Crimson Red and the Petal?

Am currently reading 'The Crimson Red and the Petal'...i absolutely LOVE it!Can anyone suggest a similar type of book that they have enjoyed?xx

Crimson Red and the Petal?
Oh yes, I loved it too ! Have you tried Sara Waters' books: Fingersmith, etc, ? She sets her stories in the past, and they are thrillers, too, like "The Crimson Petal.."
Reply:Michel Faber has written another book about Sugar, it's called Apple, or The Apple. His other books aren't historical, but they are good.

Jeanette Winterson's books are good....but if it is the setting?

Fixing Shadows by Susan Barrett is interesting
Reply:judas touch by meg hutchinson

Are all plants unique in size and appearance?

Apart from the fact that plants correspond to families and genus, are they ever of the same sizes (ie leaf/petal measurements, etc) or is every one in some microscoic way unique? In terms of leaf patterns and other appearance factors, is it the same as with humans, ie every one is somehow different?

Are all plants unique in size and appearance?
Plants are natural fractals. (as are many other things)

Many relationships are determined by the arithmetic inherent in their genes, branching at a certain angle, for instance, but the rest driven by random actions, an insect bite, the wind while the first leaf was growing, the shade of another plant or branch, how a rain drop hits, or thousands of other variables.

That is why you are able to recognize that two plants are the same species, even though they are not identical copies of each other, as those factors that are genetically determined will be the same in each case.
Reply:One interesting thing is many (all ? ) flowers have some sort of mathematical relationship, a ratio of some sort, which I unfortunately can't remember just now. Someone will tell you. May be the same ratio to something in a beehive ? Or to do with pyramids ?

Reply:In the same tree you may notice that nearly no two leaves are similar. So I think they are all unique. Isn't it amazing?

How can I clean my Kilping bag?

I have a petal pink bag that has become grubby with everyday use. I have tried washing it, but it has not removed the marks. Any ideas what else I could try?

How can I clean my Kilping bag?
take it to the cleaners.
Reply:I have a fetish bag and I let my sister borrow it and some reason it was returned dirty. It's not able to be cleaned neither. You should get other bags so you will have verity and won't have to wear it everyday.
Reply:get a new one.
Reply:You could try bleach. There are special kinds of bleaches that don't remove the colors. Just ask for it at any detergent-selling store.

I have an 98 dodge ram truck and theres a noise coming from the engine block what could it be?

Ok my truck is a 98 dodge ram truck, 5.9l, The noise is coming from the sylinders, At first i thought it was the catalist converter but that doesnt seem to be the problem. i have a car diagnositic system thing and i got some codes from the truck, the codes say that the truck is missfiring on cynlinders 1 and 6, i was drinving earlier and when i press on the petal it doesnt seem to be getting the accerlation.

I have an 98 dodge ram truck and theres a noise coming from the engine block what could it be?
you need to check the spark plugs and wires on it ,its very possible they need changing that will cause a miss-fire on some cylinders,it will also cause poor take offs in it ,kind of like its doing,basically it may need a real good tune up,that probably would help it more than anything else ,good luck on it.

rain roots

What will make foam craft stick to plastic?

I'm doing some craft projects for the kids at our company picnic and got these plastic pinwheel kids with craft foam shapes for the "petal" part of the pinwheels - theres already tape on the pinwheel part, but the foam isn't sticking. I tried some heavy duty double stick tape I had, but its not sticking either. I need something easy, so a glue gun is out. Will foam glue stick the foam pieces to plastic?

What will make foam craft stick to plastic?
Go to ac more or michaels. There is special glue for foam. Also i think that designer tacky glue works well. It must be designer tacky not regular tacky glue. this glue works well for projects with kids. It is thick and only need a small amount. good luck
Reply:Glue Dots might work. You can find them in craft stores.

Is it possible to make jelly out of echinacea flower petals?

No, fresh echinacea is NOT recommended!


The beauty of Echinacea is equal its value medicinally. The intense purple rosy and daisy-like flowers outshine most flowers in the herb garden. Even the Monarch butterflies find it attractive. This perennial plant's natural habitats are the prairies and dry plains of North America, mainly in the U.S.A., from southern Saskatchewan and Manitoba, down into Texas.

The most common species of purple coneflowers are E. angustifolia, E. purpurea and E. pallida. E. angustifolia is in most demand medicinally though the other two mentioned species are just as effective when properly prepared. Below is a brief botanical description of the three common species:

E. angustifolia - is smaller and delicate, grows to 2 ft. Leaves are lanceolate with smooth margins. Flower petals do not droop but spread outward from the seed-head.

E. purpurea - grows to 5 ft. A robust plant with many ovate leaves. Leaf margins are toothed. Flowers are large with petals drooping towards the stem.

E. pallida - grows to 3 ft. Leaves are lanceolate with smooth margins. The color of the flowers vary from purple to white and are drooping.

The part of the plant used in herbal preparations is traditionally the root. When eating the fresh root an unusual tingling, numbing sensation occurs in the mouth and increases saliva flow. This anesthetic-like effect is also present in the seeds when sprouted. It is a good indicator as to how fresh the Echinacea preparation is.

With today' attention on immune deficiency diseases, this is one herb we cannot overlook. Research in Europe indicates that Echinacea does stimulate the immune system. This occurs when the polysaccharides present in the plant (complex carbohydrates which convert into sugars), stimulate the T cell lymphocytes, which in turn increases the production of interferon. This interferon activity protects cells against viral and bacterial infections. One polysaccharide named echinacin B has been isolated from E. angustifolia %26amp; E. purpurea and its effect is healing for inflammations, wounds and swellings.

Echinacea also contains an essential oil which has been tested in the treatment of tumors. One case history involves a strong reaction to mosquito and black-fly bites. Symptoms are abnormal skin swellings and swollen lymph nodes. Echinacea taken internally reduced the swellings.

Another case history involves the Epstein-barr virus, (a herpes-like virus). Ingestion of Echinacea over a period of time, along with dietary changes, improved the vitality of the immune system. Energy level increased along with an improved resistance to minor colds and flu. The Native Indians used Echinacea for snake bites. They were aware of Echinacea's blood cleansing properties and also used the plant for cancers and infections.

Echinacea is most effective when used in its fresh state. If you are buying dried roots chew a piece first, if there is no numbing sensation in the mouth then the roots are old or improperly dried. E. angustifolia dries well, though reports indicate that this species is sometimes substituted with E. purpurea or E. pallida and sold as E. angustifolia. The roots are best harvested in fall. Being a native plant this is one instance where we do not have to rely on importation and we should encourage the local herb farming of this species (although it does take at least 3 years for the roots to mature and make it worthwhile digging up the plant!).

Dosage of Echinacea tincture is up to 30 drops, 3 times a day for adults depending on the seriousness of the ailment. The tincture is usually taken for the duration of the illness, but of course there is a saying that you can take too much of a good thing, and this is true with Echinacea. For example if you drink coffee every day the pick me up effect will eventually over stimulate you or will cease to work. Do not ingest Echinacea continuously over a long period of time, give your body a periodic rest from the immune stimulation.

The only observed side effect from ingesting Echinacea is nausea, although this is rare. It usually indicates that the body is full of toxins, so decrease your intake of the herb.


Raspberry And Echinacea Jelly (Serves: 4)

A sophisticated jelly combining tisane and red wine for a party dessert.


5 teaspoons gelatin

½ cup water

1½ cups strong Raspberry and Echinacea tea

1½ cups fruity-style Pinot Noir

grated rind one lemon

½ cup sugar

1 cup raspberries (fresh or frozen)


Sprinkle the gelatin over the water and stand for 10 minutes to sponge. Dissolve by standing over hot water or by placing in the microwave for 10 seconds on high power. Stir to dissolve.

Place the Raspberry and Echinacea tea, Pinot Noir and lemon rind into a saucepan and warm but do not boil. Stir in the dissolved gelatin.

Add the raspberries and remove from the heat. Allow to cool for 10 minutes.

Pour into 1 x 4cup or 2 x 2 cup capacity wetted jelly moulds and refrigerate for four hours or until set. Turn out to serve.

Is it possible to make jelly out of echinacea flower petals?
Nope, but maybe I'm wrong....
Reply:Sorry, I only know of tea recipes for echinacea.

But, I found some flower pedal recipes if you like...


1/2 cup organic yellow cornmeal

1 cup organic whole wheat pastry flour

1/2 cup organic cane sweetener

2 teaspoons baking powder

1/2 teaspoon baking soda

1/2 teaspoon salt

1 cup tofu

1/2 cup soy milk

1 large egg, beaten

2 Tablespoons margarine, melted

2 cups edible flower petals

1/2 cup Calendula butter

Preheat oven to 400 F. Grease a set of muffin tins (12) or a 8 inch square baking dish.

Combine cornmeal, pastry flour, sugar, baking powder, baking soda, and salt in a large bowl. Mix well.

In another bowl, mix together the tofu, soymilk, egg, and margarine. Mix with cornmeal mixture to form a wet batter.

Mix in flower petals and let the batter sit for ten minutes.

Spoon batter into muffin tins, or pour into baking dish. Bake for 20 to 25 minutes until the muffins turn golden around the edges and a knife inserted in the middle comes out clean.


8 Tablespoons (1 stick) butter, at room temperature

1/2 cup calendula petals.

Blend ingredients together in a small bowl. Use right away or cover and refrigerate for up to 1 week.



Can you dry rose petals in the oven?

(She's trying to make pot pourri)

Can you dry rose petals in the oven?
It is possible but you will destroy the colours and fragrances. It is better to press them first then put them somewhere dark to finish of drying.

To press them you should put them between two pieces of paper no bigger than A4 don't over lap them and very gently but firmly put at least 4 kilo of weight across them for a good four weeks making sure that the weight is evenly spread. Printer paper is ideal for this.

In time they will fade and lose their fragrance.

Good luck.
Reply:no if u want a runed 1 yes. if u want u can tie it up side down and let smoke dry it out r u can get some dry ice put in a bucket of water. Drop the rose in it dont attach any thing 2 the rose because it get stuck 2 it. wait a little bit then pure it out slowly make sure u don't get any on u it will burn.
Reply:Not a good idea,but you can but try,,,,
Reply:no the best way is to dry a rose petals put it in a book tell it dry
Reply:I would dry on a sunny surface before the oven, because the oven heat, unless incredibly low will cook off the very fragrance she wants to keep.

I like the idea of doing it at home. One nice way is to use an old bedsheet in a sunny place. Then when ready to use, they can be crushed a bit and will release their beautiful odour.

Have fun!
Reply:sunlight on the SE corner window on a metal tray why the oils are released into the room then and doesnt dry all the oils out ive painted in Italian homes where the grandma had the citrus peels hanging in the heat radiators like lemon peels so you can dry them by the heat ducts in a bowl
Reply:Mine used a pillow case and hair dryer until she found a dehydrator. Money grows on trees you know.
Reply:dont' turn the oven up too high - they might burn!!! - never done it myself, but potpourri only costs about £5.00 - In my case I'd buy a bag.

When biking should one stay seated or stand in the petals?

For mtn biking? Thanks so much and God bless!

When biking should one stay seated or stand in the petals?
Ride seated until you need to pop the bike up over the tops of climbs. Most people can only ride out of the saddle for short periods of time. Obviously on a Mtn bike you will be riding out of the saddle in rough terrain to absorb shocks with your knees.

If you try it you may find that 30 seconds to a minute is your limit when you first start out. A good cyclist will eventually get to where they can look at a hill and realize where they can get out of the saddle and attack other weaker riders up to the summit. They will realize that they can ride out of the saddle for so many minutes and then will time their attacks so they can stay out of the saddle all the way to the top.

A racer I sponsored ran into one of the cycling teams from South America while he was out training. These riders were all very good on the climbs and he asked them what their secret was. In broken English they explained their coach would come out in the following car and remove the seats and seat posts from their bikes at the bottom of a steep climb and tell them he would meet them at the top. They had to ride many miles uphill out of the saddle with no rest. Over time this made them very, very strong.

Riding short distances out of the saddle will help to stretch your legs out and get back lost circulation. This can be done even on flat terrain. Just put the bike in a high gear. The high gears are ones where you cover more ground with less RPM like large front and small rear sprocket combination. Just turn over the cranks very easily without placing any real force on the pedals. Do this occasionally on your rides and it will help reduce any numbness in sensitive areas and keep your legs stretched out.

If you want a difficult workout to strengthen you for climbing out of the saddle, try this. It is primarily for road riders but you can do it on your mountain bike as well. It must be done on basically flat terrain so no hills except slight rolling ones. For the purposes of this workout hills will be bad because this exercise simulates climbing. If you do this religiously I can guarantee that you will soon be riding away from other riders on hills. You will be able to power away effortlessly as they struggle to keep you in sight.

I have forgotten the pro cyclist that used this technique. It may be Moser. Anyway, go out and ride and warm up for 5-10 minutes. Get out of the saddle and ride out of the saddle in a high gear. Do not let the bike speed go over 20MPH - you will need a cyclometer to check your speed. If you get up that fast just coast while you are still standing up on the pedals. See how many seconds you can stay out of the saddle and record this maximum effort time. After you are exhausted sit down and shift the bike down into a lower gear and pedal sitting down normally. Ride the bike seated for twice the time you were able to stand in the first out of saddle session. This rest interval should be at moderate speed just relaxing. When the rest time is over you shift back to high gear and repeat the out of saddle routine until you are exhausted followed by the same 2X rest cycle. You repeat this routine 5 times and then ride home. You are going to be done in less than 40 minutes in many cases until you get better. Sounds easy right? It is not. Never do this more than once per week. It looks easy but if done properly you will see your ability to climb will start to go up. After you see your climbing time double from your original starting point cut the rest intervals in half so they are equal to out of saddle time.

It would look like this time wise:

10 minutes moderate warm up

2 minutes out of saddle

4 minutes rest

2 minutes out of saddle

4 minutes rest

1.5 minutes out of saddle

3 minutes rest

1.5 minutes out of saddle

3 minutes rest

1 minutes out of saddle

2 minutes rest

10 minutes ride home cooling off

Never do more than once per week
Reply:Go with M R on this one.

Edit: Ignore who ever told you that, Stacy J.
Reply:When MTB riding you do both. In general you sit of course. But there are instances where it's best to stand. Extremely rough trail, bumps and holes, riding over obstacles, some hills where you need the extra power, some very technical trail, jumps, fast accelerations etc. are examples of times I stand. I stand far more often MTB trail riding than road riding.
Reply:Well since your a lady, sometimes those seats can cause your genitals to become less sensitive, and depending how high the seat is, having the legs straight helps with the blood circulation in your legs. At least thats what I have been told.
Reply:If you don't want, or need to get some where quick, it is far more efficient to sit.

load your body weight over the "fulcrum" and use the granny ring to do the work, won't win any races, but something tells me that's the last thing on your mind.

Of course MTB riding involves shifts in terrain, you need to shift you body weight to apply traction to the front and back wheels, pre-load suspension, climb, stop, and generally carve, huck and hammer.

I will routinely spend an hour or more climbing fire-roads at a snails pace, breath in the air, take time to smell the petals, and not have to get off the saddle. Going down via any number of single track options is different story. Hardly on the saddle.
Reply:It depends on the conditions. Most of the time you stay in the saddle. But on really tough sections, you may need to shift your weight forward and stand up to get enough pedal power.

Also, you need to slide off the saddle to get back far enough on steeper descents. MTB'ing is a dynamic sport; you dont just sit there and pedal......your center of mass needs to move as conditions warrant.
Reply:Is this a joke question?
Reply:The answers above pretty well cover it, but you aren't riding a flower so you won't be on "petals". Bikes have "pedals", for pedalling.

shoe labels

There is a wild white flower with small white petals in scotland..that has?

a small nut at the bottom of its root, can some tell me what the flower is called?

There is a wild white flower with small white petals in scotland..that has?
I think the plant you are referring to is called Pignut. Latin name Conopodium majus.
Reply:Are you referring to wood sorrel?

It grew everywhere in the woods near my home in Ayrshire.
Reply:Try here:

What are "petal pushers"?

In the song "Freddy my love" in the Grease soundtrack, the lyrics say that "mama will have a heartattack when she catches those petal pushers with the black leather patches." So what exactly are they?

What are "petal pushers"?
they are 3/4 lenght pants called pedal pushers
Reply:That is what Capris were called then. It is Pedal Pushers...we used to wear them when riding our bikes specifically for girls so you would not get the pants leg caught in the chain...

Are there scientific terms for petal, stem, soil, leaf?

Here is a good site for finding pictures of flower parts and their names. If you click on each picture you get a better view. Most of the pictures have labeled the parts.

Parts of a flower or plant



If you want to see if you understand, here's a little quiz you can take:

With some of the sites you have to scroll down to get where you need to be on the page. Most of the pictures will enlarge if you click on them.

Hope this helps, have fun and good luck!

Are there scientific terms for petal, stem, soil, leaf?
I'm pretty sure those are the scientific terms. They might be broken down into components, but for the entire part of the plant (or substance in the case of soil), that's about as technical as it gets.
Reply:In Botany, plants parts are given specific scientific names . For example, there are three parts to a plant’s botanical and scientific name alone. These are the genus, the epithet and the authority. The ‘genus’ - (part of the name) is determined by the structures and flowering characteristics of plant. The ‘epithet’ - (part of the name- is it’s descriptive word ) . This, combined with the ‘genus’ which gives the name for the species of plants in this case. Then the third part of the science name is known as the ‘authority’ . This is credited to the person or expert giving the details and naming the plant.

A plant is researched thoroughly in detail-where parts of a plant have specific names and the plant's name itself hold a lot of information to how it became named and why. I find a plant's name like a little encyclopedia in itself.

Some example of scientific plant part names are below. These a just a tiny few of so much more.

The sepal which are the floral parts of a plant that encloses the petals and surrounds them when the flower opens. Altogether they are called the calyx.

The calyx which supports the bud and is usually green.

The stamen is the male productive part of the plant where pollen is produced.

Petiole refers the slender part or stem of a leaf.

Why will the leaves of a red rose be warmed more than the petals when illuminated with red light?

How does this relate to people in the hot desert wearing white clothes?

Why will the leaves of a red rose be warmed more than the petals when illuminated with red light?
The red light is reflected from the petals. That's why they appear red. The green leaves absorb red light.

White clothes reflect white light, which is all colors combined. Black absorbs all colors.


The temperature rise is directly proportional to the amount of light absorbed. Heat transfer by radiation.
Reply:Because the green leaves absorb more of the red light,

the red petals reflect more of the red light.

rodeo buckle

Soft as a petal that falls from a tree, the more i dry the wetter i'll be?

i need the answer to the riddle please

Soft as a petal that falls from a tree, the more i dry the wetter i'll be?
Sponge or Towel.
Reply:A towel (or perhaps, a bath towel)
Reply:towel, get it?

Fresh Rose Petal?

Where can I buy good quality and cheap rose petals in Visakhapatnam? I need about 1 Kg of rose petals for Rose Gulkand Recipe.

Fresh Rose Petal?
*Yr local flower vendor will be glad to help u out !!

But maybe u will have to order in advance !
Reply:try a local flower shop, if there are any near where you live, or they're kind of expensive

Any effects petals for acoustic guitar that people recommend?

I am a huge howie day fan and I am a musician. I was wondering what sort of petals out there that people would recommend for use with an acoustic guitar?

Any effects petals for acoustic guitar that people recommend?
Sweet man, Howie Day is awesome. I'm a big fan of his too and I have built my setup to be very similar to his.

Let me give you a list of cool effects, I'd recommend going with the loop station first, because if you're a fan of Howie, then you know the power of the loop station.

1. Boss RC-50 Loop Station - $499

The possibilities are endless. It's basically on the fly recording. You lay down a track, then you keep laying stuff over the top of it. Howie opened the doors. You can lay down drum beats, bass line, solo, and jam.

1(a). Boss RC-20XL Loop Station - $250

It's a loop station, just not as many options as the RC-50.

1(c). Boss RC-2 Loop Station - $180

A compact stomp pedal looper. It doesn't have as many options as the ones above.

1(d). Line 6 DL4 - $250

This is what Howie uses to lay down loops. It does the delay effect as well as allow sound over sound looping. The loop station on this is not the same as the Boss RC series, as you this one does decay looping. Meaning you eventually cap out, and sounds start disappearing as you lay down more and more layers. Howie mastered that though.

2. DD-20 Digital Delay - $220

Howie uses the DD-3 which isn't made anymore. But you can use this on the guitar or vocals for the echo effect, called delay. The delay pedal sounds great with the acoustic guitar.

3. OC-3 Octave Pedal - $120

This Octave pedal lets you drop down two octaves or up two octaves. What it actually does, is allows you to play a bass with your acoustic, it's how Howie does his bass line in songs like Ghost.

4. Boss GE-7 Equalizer - $100

This is just an equalizer. Howie will throw this on his vocals to give another effect. You can manipulate the EQ on your voice to make it sound different.

5. Line 6 Space Chorus - $120

Howie doesn't use the Chorus effect. But it's another type of delay sound that works well with the acoustic.

The big thing with Howie Day, is he has two pedal boards. One for his vocals and one for his guitar. That's why he has two DL4's in his setup. It allows him to do Vocal Loops as well as Loop his guitar. But if you get a loop station, two delay pedals, an OC-3 pedal, and an GE-7, then you can cover Howie songs perfectly.

I recommend doing Ghost or Sorry so Sorry, both are great looping songs.

If you have any further questions feel free to email me.
Reply:Great advice man, im going with ur list myself! Just to clarify though, Boss is indeed still selling the DD-3 :-) Report It

Is there a store that sells Hibiscus Petals in or around Bangor, Maine?

I'm doing a project for my 10th grade World History Class and I'm required to prepare a type of food and a type of beverage. I searched the web and found that "Karkady", a very popular Egyptian version of iced tea, is traditionally made with Hibiscus petals. I was unsure whether there were any stores around my area that sold them. I would be extremely grateful for any help you could give me.

Is there a store that sells Hibiscus Petals in or around Bangor, Maine?
Best bet:

check out a florist or the garden center at a local Wal-mart or Target.

You could also substitute rose petals, Egyptians use that also.

**Please do ask if they have been sprayed with any pesticides or sprayed with anything before using.
Reply:some farm markets sell them fresh also some of the bigger supermarkets like Shaw's or Big Y sell dried petals for tea making.

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In Jimson weed, the allele that produces violet petal is dominant over that for white petals, and the allele?

that produces prickly capsules is dominant over that for smooth capsules. A plant with white petals and prickly capsules is crossed with one that had vilet petals and smooth capsules. The F 1 generation was composed of 47 plants with white petals and smooth capsules, 50plants with violet petals and prickly capsules, 46 plants with violet petals and smooth capsules. What were the genotypes of the parents?

In Jimson weed, the allele that produces violet petal is dominant over that for white petals, and the allele?
These types of questions are quite simple actually. If you look carefully, you have progenies which are double recessive (white petals + smooth capsules). For you to get double recessive progenies, both parents cannot have any DOMINANT HOMOZYGOUS allele combination, ie. either violet homozygous or prickly homozygous.

Hence the genotypes of the parents should be white(homozygous)prickly(heterozygous), and violet(heterozygous)smooth(homozygous).

(In case you don't get it, detailed working below)


Assume that V is allele for purple petals, v is allele for white petals, P is allele for prickly capsules, and p is allele for smooth capsule.

Writing out propable genotypes of parents:

white petals + prickly capsules = vvPP or vvPp

violet petals + smooth capsules = VVpp or Vvpp

Writing out the propable genotypes of F1 generation:

white petals + smooth capsules = vvpp

violet petals + prickly capsules = VVPP or VvPP or VVPp or VvPp

violet petals + smooth capsules = VVpp or Vvpp

If you do your punnet squares for the different parent genotype combinations, you would realise that for there to be progenies of vvpp, the parents cannot have any dominant homozygous allele combination in their genotype, i.e. the vvPP and VVpp combinations.

So the genotypes of the parents can only be vvPp and Vvpp.
Reply:well the genetics of a plant are like in humans-some dominant some recessive genes. so colour is dominant over no-colour but xx xy yx yy wd be the combination fter fertilisation-v dominant dominant mixed violet and white petals and pure whit being the yy gene mix ok
Reply:you are so going to flunk that test...........

Does anyone know what this flower is?

it's tall, probably about 6ft, with red clustered carnation like flowers that have an extra row of petal at the base of the flower. It has a thick stalk and the flowers grow directly off of the main stalk (not on long thin stalks like you normally see carnations). The leaves are sort of heart shaped. We have no idea what it is. It just appeared out of no where.

Does anyone know what this flower is?
If the leaves have a minty lemon smell when you crush them the plant is Bee Balm, bees and hummingbirds and butterflys love this plant. If the leaves are fuzzy or hairy, its probably Hollyhock. You can go to your local library and take a look at the plant books they will have in the gardening section and identify the plant or flower that way.
Reply:Cardinal flower? Great flower that's native to the U.S. that is beloved by hummingbirds. They love dappled sunlight and moist to wet soil.
Reply:Sounds like a double hollyhock, which is self-sowing (it replants itself).

Good cheap, household materials to make a model of a flower and its parts out of?

I need to make a model of a flower and its parts (petal, stamen with anther and filament, sepal, ovule, and pistil with stigma, style, and ovary). I tried clay but it didn't work at all. So I need some good cheap household materials and instructions if possible on how to make them. Thanks!

Good cheap, household materials to make a model of a flower and its parts out of?
It can be done and what comes to my mind is a hanger! You know the bendy silver ones. You can make the stem, twist hanger around to shape leaves. Maybe use candel wax to add petals as an effect which will wtick to the hanger once it cools down. While the candel wax is hot - cut green material and place i on the wax which will be the effect of the leaves etc %26amp; work from there. Hope this helps!! :)
Reply:You need some craft glue, cardboard, and pipe cleaners. Bend the pipecleaners into a stem with a substantial amount folded at both ends of the pipecleaner. Glue one end to a peice of cardboard for the bottom of the stem to make the 'ground'. Take another pipe cleaner and bend it into a couple of loops, now squash the loops right next to each other loop to make the petals. If you need to, grab another pipecleaner and twist the end to the end of the other "petals" pipecleaner. When you have something resembling the petals of a flower twist the end of the pipecleaners around each other and fold it underneath the flower petals to make a base which you need to glue onto a piece of cardboard circle. Make the circle around 4 1/2 inches in diameter. Now glue this circle (with the petals attatched) to the bent over end of the 'stem' pipecleaner. Draw a small circle on this cardboard base to represent the ovary. The stamen will be a bit tricky, but if you can find some wire, cut tiny lengths and simply stick them through the cardboard sitting under the petals. Hows that? Goodluck
Reply:Cotton buds could do the anther and filament - five cotton buds and paint them yellow should be easy enough.

Petals could just be card, you might be able to cut up a colourful bottle top if you're feeling adventurous, but I can't think of how to stick it down... hmm, actually, you got any blue tack?

The stem could be a garden stick, you know the little green ones? About 5 mm square rods could be the stem and it should be tough enough to hold up the rest. If you don't have that then just find a green pencil, and again, use blue tack or plasticine to hold it in place.

The sepal could just be green card again, wrapped around your pencil.

The fiddly bit in the middle is harder - may I recommend plasticine? Use different colours to get the ovule and ovary and all that.

Good luck, and have fun!
Reply:Dear Erika,

I think that petals and leaves could be made of paper which you color or paint in appropriate colors. The stem could be of wire wrapped with paper. If you have any of those tiny wires used in telephone connections, they could be used to make the stamen, perhaps with a small wad of tissue at the end. The pistil form would depend on what kind of flower you are making, but a wad of tissue at the bottom, center of the stamens might work.

Tiger Toy
Reply:I always liked using candy to build models. Of course it will be a flat 2-D model, buts it would be fun to use things like sprinkles, licorice, crushed up candy... etc

What can I use to shade fabric?

I'm making applique-like flowers with fabric and need tips on what easy-to-find dye, ink, or paint to use. I need to be able to make the little veins and the various shadings that come out from the center of a flower petal. It has to be permanent or become permanent by heat-setting it. I'd really like to find something that would be readily-available at craft stores, etc., as opposed to going online to order. Also, the more colors the better, or at least be able to mix them to get the colors I need. Most important is permanent, non-fading, washable, and safe to use on fabric. Any thoughts on this would really be appreciated.

What can I use to shade fabric?
At most craft stores, they have tie-dye kits with several different colors in them. These are typically liquid dyes which can be mixed to form other colors. Since they are liquid, they can be painted or air-brushed on as well.
Reply:I've used Kool aid to dye wool, it might work on fabric too
Reply:just use the dye you are familiar with

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