Saturday, November 19, 2011

Hi All :) .. Would YOU rather be a TEAR in a child's eye, OR the FINAL PETAL of a dying flower? :D?

Explain your answer.............

Thanks for answering in advance.

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Hi All :) .. Would YOU rather be a TEAR in a child's eye, OR the FINAL PETAL of a dying flower? :D?
Hi! Kimberly,

I would rather be a tear in child's eye because the tear serves as a cleansing process of my child's emotion outburst. It serves as a way to relieve his excess baggage of loneliness, heartache's or pain or suffering in life. I see it as a way for my child to unload the burden of problems that needs to be uncarried.

The final petal of a dying flower serves no purpose for me for it will soon detach and leave nothing but an end of life. I couldn't see any momentum that will make it bloom as the same flower for there is no more flower to speak. It would be another chapter or story to know behind it's death.

Thanks for asking. Have a great day!
Reply:Final Petal, it sounds beautiful
Reply:That's a good question. There's more love coming from tears than a dying flower and being the final petal of a dying flower could be endless torture. So I'd rather be a tear in a child's eye.
Reply:Well, tears don't always signify sadness. Tears can also be joy or excitement or even tears of laughter, so I guess I would choose tears over dying flowers.
Reply:If the child's tear was a tear of joy or happiness, then i would be a child's tear.
Reply:As the mother of three who has had to dry many a tear, I would never want to be the cause of that pain, children rarely cry from happiness, they just aren't built that way. It's an adult way to express emotion. As for being the final petal on a dying flower why would I want to be that either??? I would want to end my life the way that I lived it to the fullest not waiting for the end and having no control over how it happens.
Reply:omg, what total crap.

and how many times do you have to thank us? 3 times? what is going on?
Reply:Neither or either. It wouldn't matter, I would have no sense of it in either scenario.

Edit: I semi-second May's wft.

Edit: Sorry, I felt like being an asshole. I wasn't going to pass up my opportunity.
Reply:Neither, sweet though. I'd rather be me.
Reply:Neither and I couldn't it's impossible I'm a human so I couldn't do that. I really hate philosophy sometimes it just seems so silly and pointless. sorry I guess I'm in a bad mood
Reply:I would be the final petal of a dying flower, because even though the flower is dead, someone or something or even time itself shall remember its grace whilst it existed. And its beauty remains even though it has passed.
Reply:A tear, then my parent would come and comfort me and make it all better.
Reply:I'd rather be the final petal of a dying flower. WHY?

* The FINAL means I've had my own role and contribution to others during my lifetime. I've had this to the utmost degree.

* A tear in a child's eye could evoke someone to do a great thing; but a petal could make a whole life anew.
Reply:I'd rather be a meatball in the lap of mister angry business man.
Reply:i would rather be a child's tear because then i would be saltay!!
Reply:wtf? neither.

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