Saturday, November 19, 2011

If a bridesmaid slipped on a flower petal and hurt herself, should she sue the bride and groom?

While walking down the aisle, she slips on the petals dropped by the flower kids.

If a bridesmaid slipped on a flower petal and hurt herself, should she sue the bride and groom?
It's not a question of could she...she COULD. (she probably wouldn't win though.) It's SHOULD she. And the answer is only if she values money more than friendship. Because I can think of nothing nastier than suing a close friend over something that small. It's reasonable to expect the B%26amp;G to offer to cover any medical bills if it's a serious injury. But if we're talking a sprained ankle - stand up, smile you silly cow, wish your friends a nice honeymoon, and watch where you're walking next time!
Reply:How obnoxious of her to do so, but nothing would surprise me.
Reply:OMG... if the bridemaid is a ******.. yes she would do any thing to spoil happines on the new couple!
Reply:no bc she knowingly walked down the aisle with the flower petals on it. so she is liable no the bride and groom. no one made her do it. it was her own free will to walk down the aisle.
Reply:No, I can't see that happening.
Reply:No, she should just learn to watch where she's going and walk carefully.
Reply:no. thats ridiculous, watch out where your going
Reply:No. It's a stupid accident that could've (but probably wouldn't) happen to anybody. Get up, count your losses, move on with your life, and enjoy the wedding.
Reply:no! it's there wedding! just get compensation
Reply:Not a good idea! Just a good way to ruin a friendship!
Reply:how could she possibly blame that on anyone,

she might as well sue the flower company, the carpet company, and the company she bought her shoes from as well
Reply:she should sue the priest/rabbi. or she should sue the company who sold the flowers to the bride and groom...or she can sue the place who is hosting the wedding! ahhhh...i love america!
Reply:Definitely not! Accidents happen and it is in no way the bride or grooms fault why not blame the flowergirl she dropped them no sorry but seriously no i dont think you'd be able to sue for that one .
Reply:No. It's a freak accident.
Reply:No way jose!
Reply:She could try, but it seems like a pretty small thing to sue for.
Reply:You can sue anybody for anything. But the question is, will you win? Usually, only the lawyers win.

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