Saturday, November 19, 2011

Rose Petal Ice Cream?

I recently tried rose petal ice cream and it was exquisite! I have an ice cream maker at home and wanted to know how to make the ice cream. Do you actually add real rose petals? When would you add them? How do you add them? The ice cream did have some pieces of rose petals, a slight floral fragrance and subtle taste. If you are familiar with ice cream making and have made rose petal ice cream before, I would greatly appreciate any tips or advice.


Rose Petal Ice Cream?
I am a former chef and have made it and had it in Singapore and in Paris also, if you use rose petals, make sure to get ones not sprayed with pestiside, some places have dried ones, tried a health food store, the rose syrup or rose water is from Indian stores or a Mexican shops.

With the rose petals dry them and crumble them into the custard base (I use condensed milk and a bit of light cream for richness), a bit of rosewater or syrup is a good additive, then process in the ice maker.

When you make the base, it should be a bit sweeter, keep some for after or to sprinkle on top, even a place that sells cake decorating supplies might have candied or crytalized rose petals.
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Reply:That's awesome! I had this ice cream in Paris! I made it at home afterwards. You have to use "rose water". Make regular vanilla ice cream base and then add the rose water. I had to go to a specialty shop to find a food-grade rose water. You could try finding it online... that's probably the best bet since they won't sell it in just any store.

You can also find the rose ice cream recipe online, try or foodnetwork.

Good Luck!
Reply:You can get rose syrup at most Indian grocers. Some bottles have actual rose pieces in them. Simply add it to the other ingredients in the ice cream.

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