Saturday, November 19, 2011

Petal Cleanse - have you used it? Does it Work?

I am mildly allergic to cats and want to know if Petal Cleanse really works before i go an buy some for my cat.

Petal Cleanse - have you used it? Does it Work?
Firstly, it's the flakes of skin off of your cat that cause the allergies more than the fur. Any type of solution to cut down the "dandruff" if you would call it would work and I have heard Petal Cleanse is good.
Reply:nature's merical has a dander reducer. it's a good company and I use it.
Reply:I'm also allergic. Most people are allergic to toms rather than queens. Its the fur that triggers the allergy and there is nothing you can rub on your cat to fix it.

I guess that this stuff is a damp cloth, as you wipe your cat you remove loose fur...

Just brush your cat every day and finish off with a damp flannel!

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