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My 10 month old guinea pig Petal has a bald patch.?

ive seen my guinea pig scratching at a bald patch on her back. We've treated her with pest shampoo aswell as her two companions (i have seen no patches on them). what can i do to help her?

My 10 month old guinea pig Petal has a bald patch.?
Sounds like ringworm or some other fungal. The first sign of ringworm is a bald patch around their head and neck, its very itchy, sometimes they will scratch till they bleed, I know my guinea pig did. Ring worm is not actually a worm, its a type of fungus, she could've caught it from anywhere,its quite common. You need to seperate her from the other guinea pigs, as ringworm is very contagious, although they may not show signs of having it just yet, Spiek didn;t show signs of having it until about a week after we noticed it on Slush. Minimise handling and thoroughly wash your hands after handling as humans can get it too. Take her too a vet, they will give her an anti-fungal cream, which should clear it up. If anyone in your family notices anything diffferent about their skin or anything like that, then get them to a doctor or go out an buy an anti-fingal cream before it progresses :)

Good luck, its not life threatening as long as it is treated quickly :)

And don;t try to use any products made for humans on her, because they are often too strong and may make matters worse.
Reply:Scratching with a bald patch, particularly in a "V" shape on the back is a tell tale sign of mites. Mites are microscopic bugs that live and burrow under the skin of guinea pigs. As you can imagine, it is quite painful and irritating. Guinea pigs will scratch themselves to try to get relief, and often end up cutting themselves in the process.

Good news is that mites are very easy to treat. Check out the link below on mites and medication called Ivermectin. I'm not sure what kind of "pest shampoo" you are using, but many of them are toxic and not meant for small animals like guinea pigs.
Reply:it sounds like ringworm, you can just simply get tablets from a vet or any good pet shop. They don't even cost much. It is very simple and not live threating .

You just give the guinea pig the tablet then follow with another two weeks later to check everything is clear.

Though on the other hand it might be because she is in heat.

Even if she is in heat it is perfectly fine to still give her the de-wormer tablets

- as it is just cleaning out her system

well good luck and hope she gets better
Reply:Sometimes with Guinea Pig parasites they are very hard to get rid of and pet shop remidies aren't strong enough. Take her to the vet who will do a skin scrape and give her a course of injections to beat the bugs!
Reply:Maybe she has ringworm or something like that. Take it to a small animal vet and see what they say.
Reply:Maybe the other guinea pigs bit him? the hair might grow back. If it doesn't, go to the vets
Reply:My hamster had that so I got him some yeast tablets from a pet shop and they worked for him.
Reply:Perhaps you should try renaming it... maybe then it'll perk up.

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