Monday, May 11, 2009

What is the function of a flower petal?

Good question. The primary function of the flower petal is to attract pollenators that will spread the pollen to other plants to be germinated. The bright colors of a petal are used by angiosperms (flowering plants) to attract mostly bees, which gather the pollen from one plant and carry it to another, which allows the pollen to collect on the sexual parts of the plant to germinate new ones.

What is the function of a flower petal?
Its job is to look good, collect solar and terrestrial nutrients and nab moisture from the air, the good looking part

being mainly to attract pollen-theft-bent insects.
Reply:-often secrete perfume and nectar

-attract insects and birds needed for cross-pollination
Reply:used to attract insects into the flower, can be colorful and/or scented.

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