Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Any rose petal is edible?

All rose petals are edible. So are the rose hips. Those are the seed pods that form after the flowers fall. The petals are kind of peppery tasting and go well in salads, potato salad, and meat dishes. Just about anything you would put pepper on. Not sure what the hips taste like, but I hear they are good.

Here are some sites with recipes using roses:




Here is a site with all edible flowers listed.


Any rose petal is edible?
wow really?
Reply:yes they are. my mom used to make wedding cakes and put rose petals on them. they are mostly for decoration but it is ok to eat them. :)
Reply:Yes, as long as you didn't use a systemic rose food on the plants. Systemic foods have insecticides in them so that, if a bug (like an aphid) eats the foliage, it ingests the poison and dies.

Other flowers that are edible include hybiscus and nasturtium.

Also, never use systemic plant foods for produce-bearing plants. The produce will end up being toxic.
Reply:Edible, yes. Good, no.

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