Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Petal Fold Wedding Invitation?

I'm looking at creating my own invitations and want a petal fold or something similar. I've seen that you can order paper already folded however I am not having luck finding a company that will send to Canada. Any help please let me know.

Petal Fold Wedding Invitation?
Did you try paper-source.com
Reply:Ah, here are full instructions -


They have petal kits here, and will ship to Canada -

Reply:Just go to a craft store chain there and look at the card stock they have. They're super easy and quick to make!
Reply:call paperdepotinc.com (number on website, dont mind the site, its being redone soon) I work there and we send all over the world.I just made a sample pack to be sent to austria. they have many colors.

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