Tuesday, November 17, 2009

You LOVE me...You LOVE me NOT... what would the last PETAL tell me?

in Love, which do you trust more, CHANCE or DESTINY...

which would the last Petal be?

You LOVE me...You LOVE me NOT... what would the last PETAL tell me?
I trust destiny, chance is too chancy. I am determined to love, so I seldom get to the last petal, substituting "YOU LOVE ME" for any and all remaining petals since that's the outcome I want and will work for. That's destiny.
Reply:Who cares? The point is

Reply:Petal's can't talk so it won't be able to tell me anything.

Love isn't very trusting fullstop, it has to prove itself to me again that it won't stuff up.
Reply:love me not. who cares about petals- this is how my relationships wind up anyway.
Reply:The last petal may tell you that you can't count correctly or that maybe you need to ask the object of your affections if the fealings are mutual. Then stop pulling poor defenceless flowers apart.
Reply:If not successful the 4 letters, Why don't you the 3 letters, which starting from "D"
Reply:I believe our present life is about meeting new challenges - both positive and negative - due to our past karma - and learning from it (that creates our present karma which carries over to our future karma).

Therefore, both chance (what your choices have been) and destiny (result of karma) are components to love.

In this life, it has told me the answer - for I have found my love. I don't have the answer for you.
Reply:In Love, I trust DESTINY more, CHANCE can be painful, DESTINY is a sure thing, CHANCE, is just that, I don't hold much Faith in CHANCE, as for the last petal...it would be You LOVE Me, because in DESTINY, it is a guarantee that LOVE will be there, in CHANCE, there is no guarantee.... So for me, My last petal would tell you that You LOVE Me...

Reply:of which color the petals are

pink or red

if you have doubt in love then that will not be your love ,doubt is alarming point that tells to stay away from the flurt.

if your love is true then you will not have doubts and that person will not do such act that creates misunderstanding

if today's marriages are at risk then what we can say about love

i think at risk

i think you don't have roses or a rose there

that's why you are asking us 'which would the last petal be?'

well on your behalf

i do that

by the way

how cruel are you?

you will break the petals of rose

rose will feel pain

so for your love you want to give pain to rose.


this will put you in misconception

go straight and ask your love.

don't be coward
Reply:The last petal tells you the flower is dead and done for. I don't believe in destiny. I do believe in chance, and what we make or fail to make of it. The last petal is for the sweetest memory.
Reply:The last petal would tell you .....I don't know you...... so take a CHANCE and get to know me better...
Reply:that you never love me

destiny and chance
Reply:The love does not thrive in a flip-flop situation. The last petal would give a fragrance of the love gone by.
Reply:I think it depends on what the last Petal is. If it is You Love Me, people think it's DESTINY. If it is You Love Me NOT, people think it's CHANCE. Personally, I would not bother if a love is that doubtful.
Reply:I would hope that the last petal, would be, You Love me. When you are in Love, it always is Destiny that I would trust more.
Reply:You love me.

Mostly I don't believe in "Destiny". At least, I don't believe in Destiny as fixed. We create our own destiny.
Reply:It all depends how many petals there are. I vote destiny because you know when you meet the right person that it wasn't chance.
Reply:that "i love you"
Reply:maybe: i love you and there is one more left....
Reply:You love me.

Chance or destiny depends on the outlook you have in life. If it is positive, things will turn out good. If your are a pessimist, things will turn out bad. That is the way it goes.
Reply:A bit of both I think OK
Reply:i do believe in destiny. it's all decided by fate. if we are destined to get a loving partner ,no one can stop you. love is mutual. give and take business. the more you give , the last petal would be --- more love. you can win anything with love.
Reply:if I leave it to chance it could go either way but if I leave it to destiny it will be what it will be but seeing you are already my friend, then it is obvious that I love you. I 'm the kind of person that cares about my friends and love them dearly. have a great day enki.
Reply:Don't cheat ! It depends on the first petal.
Reply:love me If I see it will end with not I rip off one petal.I like happy ending.destiny of course.
Reply:I trust neither, but am often tossed by a combination of both. In my world, the last petal would be a signal to stop maligning flowers for truth... truths are generally found elsewhere.
Reply:Chance that I obtained an Office job instead of Queen Alexandra's Royal Army Nursing Service.

Destiny in that I met my beloved Gwenneth at that office.

Rose P.
Reply:I don't THINK the last PETAL would tell me DESTINY or CHANCE because I don't BELIEVE in either.
Reply:Chance is Destiny. Always choose love.
Reply:Love can change your life....if you leave it to petal to decide, you already leave it to chance....normally chances always surrounded people, but few of them able to grab it...it just like a sand easily escape from holes between two fingers.....

For destiny, no matter you want or you do not... it is there and fixed for you long time....

You will never know when is your destiny , unless time tells you.

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