Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Rose Petal Jam?

Has Anyone Ever Tried This? I Want TO Make It And I Have A Recipe For It, But I'm I Little Iffy On The Flavor and Texture.

What does it tast like?

Is it chunky or smooth? (Like preserves to jam)

What rose did you use?

Where did you get it?

Sorry I ask a lot. I just want to know before I spend like a bujillion dollars on it and have it taste like...welll, you know...

Rose Petal Jam?
My mom made Rose Jelly, it was a smooth strained jelly, with an interesting essence of rose. It was rather strange to eat....not something I would pick again. It was best served on a plain water cracker.

It is hard to explain the taste, it tasted like roses smell.....LOL.

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