Tuesday, November 17, 2009

How do you think Pauline will die in eastenders? I dont want to watch anymore cos honey has given petal up?

Pauline is poisoned after eating her Christmas dinner. She rows with Sonia, runs out in the Square, and dies on Arthur's bench!!

Of course, there have been a few different endings filmed by the BBC,so anything could happen.

Another story is she rows with Sonia, runs into the Square,and falls and bangs her head.

Another...........She plans to kill herself,sets Sonia up, to make it look like Sonia killed her...........there is one witness............Rebecca! I think this is the one they are going with!!!

How do you think Pauline will die in eastenders? I dont want to watch anymore cos honey has given petal up?
Quickly - I hope.
Reply:I think she will be kidnapped by Captain Peacock and murdered in the lair of the infamous Mrs Slocombe.
Reply:She dies of boredom.

Bye Bye Pauline!!

Reply:According to the Christmas TV guide, after spending Christmas alone after pretending to have cancer, she falls over in the square and hits her head.
Reply:i think she will die
Reply:I dont like Pauline anyway! Maybe she is murdered by Sonia or she tops herself, dunno but should be a good xmas cliff hanger. Honey I can understand the hard work but I could not do it, its wrong poor petal!
Reply:I heard that Den returns, gets her pregnant and she dies in childbirth. Poor cow.
Reply:well pauline can rot haha thinks she gets killed by Sonya woohoo. But Honey will have a change of heart over the xmas when petal becomes sick........
Reply:Apparently..Sonia goes round to see her...they end up arguing, Pauline is upset....for some reason she goes outside to phone Martin, ends up collapsing and dying!

On Christmas day!
Reply:Honey is a major ***** for giving up Petal man, she dont love billy, there are two people in that relationship and she just controlled him into agreeing with her, actuallly, he didnt even agree with her, but went along with her because that is what she wanted, and she knew billy didnt want to give Petal up. She wants her cake and eat it too, she is one selfish *****.

And as for Pauline, she is mad and sick in the head, how the hell can you lie and make your son feel like that, she is not human man. I cant wait til her misearble face is off my screen. OH and i think Sonia kills her by accident.
Reply:Oh god i know had to switch it off last night tooo sad!!

Yes Pauline will die thank goodness, on Christmas Day, just like her to ruin christmas for everyone. don't know how it happens but i hope its painful.
Reply:Hey everybody! IT'S NOT REAL! It's all made up!
Reply:the queen vic all club together to buy a samuri sword so she can cut her throat
Reply:she doesn't die she goes to live with Michelle in America,the old cow should burn though,lol
Reply:Dot kills her!!!
Reply:As quick as possible, but knowing our luck she'll probally be moaning away.
Reply:Someone kills her. They're not saying who, though. Think Joe, Sonia and Martin are in the frame.
Reply:honey, finally decides she wants her though, and its a very merry xmas for her and baby at last, so you can watch it again now and find out for yourself lol
Reply:Yes pauline dies on xmas day she collpses with a heart attack but before she gose she tells martin that sonina is to blame for her death and yea honey finds that she dose love petel and she sees how much its hurting billy so gets the baby back and they have a happy reunion on xmas day ahh!

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