Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My four year old cant petal a bike, is that normal?

yes, this is normal. my oldest couldn't really pedal a bike until he was almost five. my other two kids though, learned how to peddle at an earlier age because they seen my oldest. he will be fine.

My four year old cant petal a bike, is that normal?
Yes, but it is important not to push them too hard or they could get an inferiority complex over it. Four years old is a very fragile age be careful! I would just let them do it by themselves... they will get it! Not everyone masters the bicycle or roller skates..
Reply:Very normal. Each of us have our own time table in completing tasks.
Reply:My child did not learn how to ride her bike until she was 6. Boy let me tell you that was alot of work.lol
Reply:My 2 year old son just learned how to pedal his tricycle. Make sure the seat is low enough, so she can reach the pedals easily and comfortably. Also, I would suggest starting with training wheels. When she is interested, she will learn.
Reply:My little boy is going to be 6 in July and he just started peddling this summer. He could never pedel his trikes and this is his second bike and he finallly can do it. I think he could even do it without training wheels but I don't wanna scare him. But I think the late start is going to make it more easy when it is time to take them off.

Don't worry about it. He will get it. Good luck!!!
Reply:relax my grandson still doesn't ride well and he's older took him forever to get that one figured out they will though... here go read legs amazing little things its free
Reply:He or she just needs to work on their coordination. Pedaling is tricky for youngstres because they tend to try to push staight down, instead of pushing in a forward motion. Practice makes perfect!!! Good luck!!!
Reply:of corse thats normal! you should put training wheels on it and then take them away gradually
Reply:did you start him on a trike?
Reply:My son is only two, but i have a lot of friends with older kids and not many of them could ride a bike at that age. I have already bought my son a bike, but it's one that will last till he's somewhat older and i dont expect him to ride well for a while. At this point we push him on it, he has fun and his father and I like spending the time playing with him. This way we figure he will always be comfortable on a bike and it may be easier to teach him to ride it himself later.
Reply:i didnt learn to ride a bike until i was 6. Dont worry about it, if the child seems like he/she really has a problem with motor functions and coordination, go see a specialist. Have you considered training wheels, or maybe a tricycle to start out?
Reply:yes, this is normal.
Reply:different age for everyone

i wouldnt worry yet
Reply:you have to help them on how to do it %26amp; show them too by you doing it!

my brother took a while to learn too!
Reply:Its very hard for kids that age to get the hang riding a bike, don't worry your kid will get the hang of it soon enough.
Reply:of course its normal.

but is it a three wheeler or two wheeler?

do not worry. he/ she can soon pedal. it just comes with time/ technique. I will not worry that much =)

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