Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Petal , a nice name for a little girl??

I'm considering Petal. Rose, Iris, Violet. any suggestions

Petal , a nice name for a little girl??
Petal is not a name!!!!!! It reminds of the skunk on Bambi named Flower.
Reply:definitely not petal and the other names are good for middle names but if you must use one as a first name i think that rose is the best choice.
Reply:Okay.!!! Petal sounds more of a middle name to me.
Reply:Petal doesn't sound to nice. Why don't you name her

Violet Rose

Iris Peony

Daisy Petal (?)

Play around with flower names, I am sure you'll come up with something nice.

Good Luck and congratulations on your baby girl.
Reply:rose is ok for middle name they to much like the flower i grow and talk to
Reply:I would go with either Rose or Violet
Reply:i dont like the name petal

it reminds me of a bike

but i love the name violet
Reply:Hmmm, not really. I love the name Violet, though!
Reply:ROSEE that is an adorable name

cause roses are very pretty and likeable
Reply:Iris Rose

Violet Rose

Lily Rose
Reply:I would never name my child Petal. It's going a little too far with the whole 'flower' idea. Stick to Rose or Lily or something of the sort. Petal is just asking for the kid to be picked on.
Reply:Wow! ...Flashback to my hippie days...

Rose - modern 2007
Reply:Petal is not a good idea. Try Lily or Violet.
Reply:What about Petra instead? Petra Violet is nice.
Reply:I do not like Petal

I like Lily-Rose Marie

I like Rose, and Iris.

They lily, Daisy, Saige, Shannon (means Lily)

I like Lily-Rose the best
Reply:Not a big fan of Petal it sounds like a pet name Iris Rose would sound cute or Violet Rose :)
Reply:petal = stripper
Reply:Petal? And then you want to torture her more by adding a flower name??

Petal Rose

Petal Iris

Petal Violet

Ahhh No way. It sounds like you mixed up your translations and ment Rose Petal. Horrible. Don't do it!

Drop the Petal and the names sound soooo much better.
Reply:nO!! none of them! sure those names are cute for a baby.. but think when they are grown up! sounds silly!
Reply:I'm not a big fan of Petal ... I know it's strange, but it actually sounds a little harsh. Rose is sweet, but it's becoming far too popular. Out of your list, I'm quite fond of Violet. It's feminine and really unheard of.

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