Tuesday, November 17, 2009

How can I use dried rose petals in home decorating?

I have some dried rose petals from a bouquet and I would like to use them to decorate a frame, but I haven't found any instructions. Any ideas on how to make it or how to make anything else using petals? Thanks!

How can I use dried rose petals in home decorating?
if you want to use them for the frame, take a little hot glue and put a little on the frame and place a petal on it...in any design you want. you could also try decorating the actual glass of the picture frame by placing some flatted petals behind the glass right before you put in a picture.
Reply:I don't know how to use them in a frame but if you put them in a vase with oil they will stay. Here's a really cute smow globe with the petals. Take a clean glass jar that has a lid, you can find one in the fridge or at your local $1 store they always have decorative ones. Take the lid and glue a figure or momento of some sort. set it to the side and let it dry. Put the flowers, you may have to cut them up a bit if its a small jar, in the jar and some sparly confetti and fill with a clear oil, or you can use distilled water, and make sure that you don't fill it all the way to the top, b/c when you screw the lid on, it will make the watercome out some if its too full. Then glue the jar to lid. Here is the website I found that on. I have done may of them and they are adorable. Good Luck!
Reply:check out this link, it has anything crafty answered!


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