Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Brake petal rock solid?

I was driving my F150 at 10 mph when I pressed the brake petal to slow at a stop sign. The brake petal might have been a rock. It did not budge. I thought the shaft going into the master cylinder bound up. Then the ABS light came on and I could use the brakes again. What happened? Thanks

Brake petal rock solid?
you need a new brake booster (it is the drum behind the master cylinder) but first check the connection(hose)from it to intake manifold and make sure it is still connected if it is then it is the booster
Reply:Take it to a Ford dealer. They can hook up their computer and find out what went wrong (because the abs light came on)
Reply:this has happened several time before to other people also its the abs pump that freezes up temporarily,you need to take it to a dealer and let them run a full diagnostic check on the brake system,they can cause you to have an accident ,but several people have reported having this same problem also,good luck hope this helps.

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