Tuesday, November 17, 2009

How can you make potpurri from rose petals?

the petals are coming off of my roses, and they smell sooo good i hate to throw them away, does anybody know of a way to take advantage of that, and make potpourri or bring the smell of them out?

How can you make potpurri from rose petals?
Spread them on absorbent paper and let them dry completely. Pare the outer skin from an orange (don't include the white part underneath) Cut it in strips, and let it dry too. When the petals and the orange peel are dried out, mix them with some whole cloves and broken bits of cinnamon stick. Toss with a couple drops of rose oil, and you have wonderful potpourri. (You need the rose oil, because most commercial roses have no aroma these days---it's bred out. Now if you can get your hands on some old-fashioned wild rambling roses, or some lavendar, and dry those, you'll have an even better final product.)
Reply:Put them in hot water.
Reply:First dry the petals and then drizzle a little rose oil over them. Ta Dah! :)
Reply:i would sure like to know too!!

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