Sunday, May 23, 2010

Anyone know why Stephenie Meyers picked her art for her books?

Each of her books have a picture on the front. Twilight has what looks to be girl's forearms holding an apple, New Moon has a red/white flower with a petal coming off and Eclipse has a red ribbon that has frayed (sp?) apart. Any Ideas?

Anyone know why Stephenie Meyers picked her art for her books?
She didn't actually pick the covers. But I know that they all represent something.

Twilight- the apple represents choice, or forbidden fruit, whichever way you look at it. a vampire and a human are not supposed to fall in love, are they?

new moon- a frilled tulip has this odd genetic thing where it could be red or white depending on its genetics. This could mean that you don't know how it will turn out, or that you don't know who Bella will choose. My Dad told me that much. Stephenie didn't know. But the petal falling off looks like a tear, or a drop of blood. Definitely symbolic of what Bella goes through in that book, isn't it?

eclipse- a frayed ribbon. this one is pretty easy- Bella is pulled between Jacob and Edward, and like the ribbon, it is tearing her apart.

Check Stephenie's FAQ on her website- and you can find at least the first one, and I think the third one as well.
Reply:Well the pictures are all red.

I'm guessing she just picked thinks that were red and kind of deep because if you've read the books you'll know why.

I actually just started Twilight last night! Haha its great though.

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