Sunday, May 23, 2010

Are all plants unique in size and appearance?

Apart from the fact that plants correspond to families and genus, are they ever of the same sizes (ie leaf/petal measurements, etc) or is every one in some microscoic way unique? In terms of leaf patterns and other appearance factors, is it the same as with humans, ie every one is somehow different?

Are all plants unique in size and appearance?
Plants are natural fractals. (as are many other things)

Many relationships are determined by the arithmetic inherent in their genes, branching at a certain angle, for instance, but the rest driven by random actions, an insect bite, the wind while the first leaf was growing, the shade of another plant or branch, how a rain drop hits, or thousands of other variables.

That is why you are able to recognize that two plants are the same species, even though they are not identical copies of each other, as those factors that are genetically determined will be the same in each case.
Reply:One interesting thing is many (all ? ) flowers have some sort of mathematical relationship, a ratio of some sort, which I unfortunately can't remember just now. Someone will tell you. May be the same ratio to something in a beehive ? Or to do with pyramids ?

Reply:In the same tree you may notice that nearly no two leaves are similar. So I think they are all unique. Isn't it amazing?

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