Thursday, May 20, 2010

What do I do if the gears on my mountain bike lock up?

When I try to petal it does not work. I tried putting the chain on a different gear, but I still have the same problem. How should I fix it?

What do I do if the gears on my mountain bike lock up?
it might be that the chain isint on the same gear..or the gears that are alinged with each could try to get some oil libricant at a hardware put on the gears and chain..
Reply:Take your bike to your local bike shop for a tuneup. That way you know it will get fixed correctly.
Reply:Do yourself a favor and bring it to your local bike shop. They should be able to diagnose your problem and recommend the appropriate course of action. Save yourself some aggravation.
Reply:Well My brother is into Mountain Bikes and his suggestion to you would be to...

1.) Don't leave it out in bad weather, always put it away

2.) Sometimes you need to WD-40 it a little to get the gears lubricated again esp. if the bike sat for the winter.

3.) Trying some minor adjustments to the gears themselves perhaps you need to replace the gear shifting element check the local bike shop near you for any parts.
Reply:Hi, you didn't mention how long you've been riding,had the bike.If you are inexperienced, you just need practice. It takes a little while to get comfortable on a new bike or even if you haven't ridden for a while. You can avoid chain suck,broken chains,Chain Jump,and other chain hassle by staying in your middle chain ring and using your middle gears-3,4,5-for most riding.But --use that granny gear BEFORE you are halfway up that hill.The one that looks like Mt. Everest..Anyway, if you know what you're doing,(I have done this for nothing)lol, I agree, get professional help. Here's a book I love,it has great info and it's pretty funny. Good Luck! Be cool, And WEAR YOUR HELMET!!! :)
Reply:Gears don't just lock up, so it must be pretty obvious reason. It might be chainsuck - does your chain fall off the gears and get stuck between the largest rear cog and the wheel or between the smallest rear cog and the freame? It may be that your chain is too narrow, for example it's a 9 speed chain on 8 speed bike. Of course, it may be that your bike needs a good tune up. It's amazing what a change you'll see after a good bike shop tune up. Definitely worth that money (anywhere from $50 to $120 depending on a shop).
Reply:Try spraying them with WD40.
Reply:Get thee to your local bikeshop... it sounds like you have a freewheel and/or cassette problem.
Reply:pray your not on it
Reply:you'll fall off the bike

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