Thursday, May 20, 2010

Is there a way to dry rose petals for confetti?

We're going to a Medieval Wedding at Auckland Castle (link if you're interested) later this year, and, since we can't use paper confetti, but can rose petals, wondered how to dry them out properly?

We have a garden full of them, so don't want to buy any, and for our attempt we took the petals off an unscented rose, put them on newspaper in the greenhouse and let them dry out for about 4 days, but they looked a bit naff, so we've retried with a thicker petalled rose, but wondered if there is a "proper" way to do it?

I don't want to buy any though, since that would be a waste of money.

Is there a way to dry rose petals for confetti?
There is a type of sand that is used to dry flowers without losing thier color or texture. You would put the petals in the sand and allow them to dry. It preserves them etc. It can be found at craft stores. I don't know the name. We use it here in the USA for drying bridal bouquets etc.
Reply:they usually turn dark when dried and look totally icky! I have used the drying crystals to do this. Spread a layer of crystals on a paper towel on a tray, spread a layer of flower petals on that and another layer of crystals. You can build up several layers. Pour results through coarse sifter so all the crystals fall through and petals stay in sifter. After use, store drying crystals in airtight container for next use. Caution: don't let small children or pets eat the crystals.
Reply:for my cousins wedding we used rose petals as confetti, my aunty just lay out a single layer on a tea towel on a tray and put them in her airing cupboard with all the towels, it worked really well, not only diid they look nice but all the towels smelt pretty!
Reply:you could place the petals a few at a time, onto kitchen paper and put into a microwave with a small glass of water on the turntable. cook for about 1 minute on full power, then re-arrange them and do it again for about 2 minutes , but you must keep checking on them until they dry out, and then store in an airtight container. that method is ideal if you want them quickly , or you could place the petals onto paper towels and place them into an airing cupboard.
Reply:Go on the Martha Stewart web site.
Reply:Mum puts her petals in the airing cubbord for about a day.

Seems to do the trick!

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