Thursday, May 20, 2010

Why are the eyes the flower petals of our bodies?

What is so special about the eye? Even dogs, cats, and other animals look people in the eye. Why not our elbows or knees? Why does the eye invoke such emotion in ourselves and power to motivate others to action?

Why are the eyes the flower petals of our bodies?
Eyes are the windows of the mind. Through our eyes we look outside our skull, and apparently in the process we let something of ourselves to be seen.

Even anatomically, eyes are parts of the brain that differentiate during the prenatal life, while other sense organs just develop from the tissue around them.
Reply:I think the "eyes" have it.

We look at the eyes to see if and how we are being observed. Animals, including man, needed to know if they were being viewed as prey or not to survive. Some people are better than others at "reading" eyes. They are usually great business people and/or poker players.
Reply:I never heard the flower petals of our bodies. I have heard the mirror to the soul. Haven't you ever looked someone in the eye %26amp; could tell if they were telling the truth?.....If they were good or evil?......I can. Dogs can too. If you stare a dog down, they will become aggressive or run. If you're OK, they know. Why? I can't answer that. They just are.

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