Sunday, May 23, 2010

Can you dry rose petals in the oven?

(She's trying to make pot pourri)

Can you dry rose petals in the oven?
It is possible but you will destroy the colours and fragrances. It is better to press them first then put them somewhere dark to finish of drying.

To press them you should put them between two pieces of paper no bigger than A4 don't over lap them and very gently but firmly put at least 4 kilo of weight across them for a good four weeks making sure that the weight is evenly spread. Printer paper is ideal for this.

In time they will fade and lose their fragrance.

Good luck.
Reply:no if u want a runed 1 yes. if u want u can tie it up side down and let smoke dry it out r u can get some dry ice put in a bucket of water. Drop the rose in it dont attach any thing 2 the rose because it get stuck 2 it. wait a little bit then pure it out slowly make sure u don't get any on u it will burn.
Reply:Not a good idea,but you can but try,,,,
Reply:no the best way is to dry a rose petals put it in a book tell it dry
Reply:I would dry on a sunny surface before the oven, because the oven heat, unless incredibly low will cook off the very fragrance she wants to keep.

I like the idea of doing it at home. One nice way is to use an old bedsheet in a sunny place. Then when ready to use, they can be crushed a bit and will release their beautiful odour.

Have fun!
Reply:sunlight on the SE corner window on a metal tray why the oils are released into the room then and doesnt dry all the oils out ive painted in Italian homes where the grandma had the citrus peels hanging in the heat radiators like lemon peels so you can dry them by the heat ducts in a bowl
Reply:Mine used a pillow case and hair dryer until she found a dehydrator. Money grows on trees you know.
Reply:dont' turn the oven up too high - they might burn!!! - never done it myself, but potpourri only costs about £5.00 - In my case I'd buy a bag.

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