Sunday, May 23, 2010

What will make foam craft stick to plastic?

I'm doing some craft projects for the kids at our company picnic and got these plastic pinwheel kids with craft foam shapes for the "petal" part of the pinwheels - theres already tape on the pinwheel part, but the foam isn't sticking. I tried some heavy duty double stick tape I had, but its not sticking either. I need something easy, so a glue gun is out. Will foam glue stick the foam pieces to plastic?

What will make foam craft stick to plastic?
Go to ac more or michaels. There is special glue for foam. Also i think that designer tacky glue works well. It must be designer tacky not regular tacky glue. this glue works well for projects with kids. It is thick and only need a small amount. good luck
Reply:Glue Dots might work. You can find them in craft stores.

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