Sunday, May 23, 2010

What can I use to shade fabric?

I'm making applique-like flowers with fabric and need tips on what easy-to-find dye, ink, or paint to use. I need to be able to make the little veins and the various shadings that come out from the center of a flower petal. It has to be permanent or become permanent by heat-setting it. I'd really like to find something that would be readily-available at craft stores, etc., as opposed to going online to order. Also, the more colors the better, or at least be able to mix them to get the colors I need. Most important is permanent, non-fading, washable, and safe to use on fabric. Any thoughts on this would really be appreciated.

What can I use to shade fabric?
At most craft stores, they have tie-dye kits with several different colors in them. These are typically liquid dyes which can be mixed to form other colors. Since they are liquid, they can be painted or air-brushed on as well.
Reply:I've used Kool aid to dye wool, it might work on fabric too
Reply:just use the dye you are familiar with

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