Sunday, May 23, 2010

On the news today - compensation for slipping on a tulip petal? Your thoughts?

So bad, UK moving this way now!

On the news today - compensation for slipping on a tulip petal? Your thoughts?
Its as bad as that kid getting £5,000 compensation for hurting himself!.....oh yeah!, he was trying to break into a primary school and fell off the roof!.
Reply:During the winter, I can walk miles over wet leaves and ice without slipping, even after a few beers... makes you wonder how ONE petal could cause someone to slip and do so much damage.
Reply:For that amount of money, I'd slip on a whole bunch of the things!

Seriously, the amount is exhorbitant, in my opinion. However, she was told! And repeatedly, if the newspapers are to be believed. I don't understand how little her insurance is though.

I fell three years ago in a pothole in the road. I didn't sue anyone, but sometimes I wish I had. I had an operation two months ago to repair it. So I have a certain sympathy with

the guy, if he is as injured as he says he is.

But it still is far too much money ....
Reply:Really never seen that, but that is ridiculous
Reply:I wonder if his back problems would go away if he lost a bit of weight? This is getting a bit nuts in both the UK and US, heck we have one judge over here suing for $54 million for misplaced pants at a dry cleaner.
Reply:I was listening to a conversation on the radio about this and other ways that people have received compensation.

Appartantly now, Back Stroke is banned in some schools so that they can avoid any children potentially banging their heads at the end of the swimming pool and their parents sueing the school for negligence.

Reply:What do you call 10,000 attorneys on the bottom of the ocean?

A good start.
Reply:USA yesterday UK today, The whole ambulance chasing culture has jumped the pond.

The whole world has gone mad!

Stop the world I wanna get off............

Thanks for the link Toietmoi.

If he wasnt so fat he could have seen where he was going and would have done less damage to himself.

The security guard described the petal as a 'killer,' or was that the fall?

Reply:I'd need a link to the news item before commenting. (Wouldn't want to look like a total moron without at least an overview, right?) Can you edit to add one? Thanks in advance.
Reply:It looks like that the flower shop owner was warned before about hazards and she failed her duty of care to do something about it.

Hazard is the potential to cause harm. Knives can be hazard in certain situation and not in another situation. The same with paper, water, tulips etc

For example, if a tulip was near an electricity plug then that is a hazard as it may cause fire.

The issue here is not the tulip. It is whether the florist has failed her duty of care to minimise hazard and the judge accepted that she has.

The amount of compensation has nothing to do with the tulip. It reflects the amount of damage caused and it is up to the judge to decide what an appropriate sum is.

"The judge found that the Chiltern Railway Company - responsible for running the station - had shown 'mounting frustration' at the flower shop's failure to keep the area free of hazards"

"The court heard how e-mails were sent both before and after the accident pointing out that there was debris which could pose a potential hazard to commuters"
Reply:my thoughts are that the entire nation has become one bg cesspool of lazzy people who refuse to do honest work and then when they do something stupid they refuse to accept responsibility and sue for it. all for some money that they think will make them happy, but it never will.
Reply:not allowed to tell you on here but just say money motivates some folk to desperation
Reply:wots the world comin today

i think i'll sue god for breathin wot do u think ?
Reply:ban two lips.
Reply:This may explain why some areas affected by the flooding are struggling financially. I was reading the news in Hull and the council had to cut back on insurance for some council owned buildings as a cost cutting measure before the floods. They are now going to struggle to pay to get the damage fixed.

Why do councils need cost cutting measures? For all the people like this who demand compensation for ultimately was an accident. I don't know about anyone else but I try and watch where I am walking.
Reply:People like this really annoy me - I dont doubt he has suffered since his brush with petal of doom but are his mobilty difficulties now really down to just this one incident...? It looks doubtful..

Why do we want the american compensation culture here?

Look where you are going - if you dont and you slip - tough

If there is a real health and safety issue and an accident is caused by gross negligance then fine, those responsible should be held accountable.A petal on a floor outside a florist stall is not negligance on behalf of the florist. I really feel for the owner.

Accidents happen- live with it. Sorry - these sort of people out to make a fast buck really do wind me up!!!!
Reply:Think its a bit bloody harsh really, as there was no cctv footage of the incident, only the statement of a so called eyewitness, who lets face it for a wedge of some of the compensation money will have done what plenty before him have and played a very good part, In this day and age it is all too easy to seduce people with money etc, but just as easy to also be in cahoots with another for the financial gain, believe me this happens alot, and when it does both parties win, apart from the flower seller that is!

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