Thursday, May 20, 2010

How do you press rose petals?

like you press them in a book?

How do you press rose petals?
with a tiny, tiny iron.
Reply:you can buy flower presses quite cheaply which are like bit of wood that you clamp together that have lots of bit of paper inside to put the flowers in. although there is nothing wrong with pressing them in a book as long as you put some tissue between the petals and the page. If you didnt mind the petals not being flat you could take the whole flower and hang it upside down ( i do it from a light fitting as the heat might help) and leave it for a week. then you can pull the dry petals off the flower. that way they seem to keep their colour a lot better
Reply:Your fist answer was right however I put my roses intact in a clear plastic container in a drawer which has retained the colour quite well after some 15 years nice question

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