Thursday, May 20, 2010

How can I preserve rose petals?

My husband bought me roses for valentine's day, and some of the petals fell off. The petals are lovely, and I desire to preserve them. I would like to be able to preserve their brilliant color, and all of the flowers that I have dried have changed their color and lost their brilliance. Any suggetsions?

How can I preserve rose petals?
i save my flowers by hanging them upside down and lightly covering them with aerosol hairspray. i leave them a day or two and then i put them in with the rest of the flowers i have saved..what a nice husband!! happy valentines day!
Reply:spray them with hair spray
Reply:Go to a crafts store and get some silica or other such dry flower compound. This will keep most of the color, but some will just be lost naturally. That's part of the beauty of flowers, it's fleeting. Capture it while you have it. Good luck.

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