Thursday, May 20, 2010

How can I paint actual flowers, ie making the petals of a sunflower blue?

I am trying to paint an actual flower, I bought paint for this purpose that actually claims to help preserve a flower; however I do not want the flower to look campy or cheesy, I want it to look alive and real. Does anyone know if the paint they sell actually preserves the flower so that it doesnt turn out all shrivled like a dried flower would? On the same token are there any other ways to seal a flower to retain its original form almost like a clear plastic resin that adheres thin but is maneagable enough to paint??? A long question I know, but I would be greatly appreciative of any input!


How can I paint actual flowers, ie making the petals of a sunflower blue?
I don't know where you can buy it, but, silica gel is probably the best thing and most amazing. It's a grainy type of thing, like sand. It's what they put in those little packages in shoe boxes etc., and it keeps things dry. You would have to buy enough to actually cover your entire flower, you leave it for about 5 days and when you take it out it looks like a fresh flower, only dry! They come out beautiful. I have done this with roses and delphiniums and impatience. I would think that then you could take a little bit of paint to them, a little at a time. Sorry to run on, but hope this helps.
Reply:I would call a major hobby store and ask them. I am sure there is something out there that would meet your needs. It sounds like a really cool idea.

I think I will call Hobby Lobby tomorrow and find out for myself!
Reply:as a child in science class, we put cut flowers in water with blue food coloring. the petals turned blue... I dont know if it stays that way though after dried

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