Tuesday, May 18, 2010

How do I choose a color of Prescriptives foundation?

I want to purchase foundation from Prescriptives, preferably something from the 'Virtual Matte' line. However, I live overseas, so I will have to order online and cannot go in for 'Colorprinting' to determine which color is best for me. It seems as though the foundation colors are in groups like 'blue/red', and then broken down into individual shades within those groups. Can I do a colorprinting at my home? How I can make the best selection? I wear Clinique's Superbalanced foundation in Petal, and have reddish/brown hair with hazel eyes, if that helps any.

How do I choose a color of Prescriptives foundation?
You can go to the link below and chat live online with a prescriptives customer support person. they can probably help you figure out a good foundation color, if you give them information about the current Clinique color you use? it's worth a try.
Reply:I scanned this picture from my makeup book. She has 3 shades on her face the middle one is obviously the one she should go with, you can do this when you go to the store if a rep doesn't help you.


The color should be as close as possible to your actual skintone.
Reply:Ask them to ship you samples to try, that is the only way you can do it.

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