Tuesday, May 18, 2010

How do you make frosted rose petals?

What I did was coat pink rose petals in egg whites, covered them with preserving sugar(it was all I had besides brown sugar) and put them on a plate and covered them. Is this right??

How do you make frosted rose petals?
Brush the clean petals with whisked egg white, (not too thickly), then sprinkle with caster sugar, brush off excess sugar with a dry brush, and allow to dry naturally, but not in the sun, or you will cook the egg white. Don't use prerserving or granulated sugar, the crystals are too big, and the petals will come out looking very lumpy.

Preserving sugar is for making jam or preserves.
Reply:I have no written source, but I make and decorate celebration cakes, and have sometimes used this frosting method on flowers, ie primroses, violets, various others. I hope all turns out well for you, and don't forget, as long as the flower/petals don't grow from a bulb, you can eat them too. Report It

Reply:All but the part where you covered them. They need to be out in the open air for the egg white to dry.
Reply:Don't cover them, and don't freeze them. They need to dry in the air and if you freeze them, clumps of sugar will fall off as the defrost.
Reply:I don't know what preserving sugar is, I generally use superfine sugar. Also, generally I brush the egg whites on with a small painters brush. But yes, your method is correct.
Reply:put them in the freezer

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