Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Is there a correct way to dry rose petals?

I've always wanted to dry them and put them in a little case inside my bathroom. Now I have so many rose petals left over from my boquet and I wanted to dry them. Can anyone tell me the correct way to do that please?

Is there a correct way to dry rose petals?
Hang them upside down out of sunlight, preferably downstairs where it is also cool.
Reply:I don't dry them upside down, or in a dryer, microwave or with silica gel in the oven. I just tear off the petals, dry them naturally then throw in a potpourri or store until I have enough for one. (not the white ones that turn brown) Report It

Reply:Heat silica gel to 110 -120 C (230 -250 F) in a wide uncovered metal or glass tray for 2 hours (oven - and don't overheat!). Cool. Layer of desiccated silica gel, layer of rose petals, layer of desiccated silica gel... Seal air-tight with a couple of layers of plastic wrap. Let sit a week at room temp.

Silica gel can be redried and reused.
Reply:just keep the roses in the vase for up to a couple weeks. they'll dry out by themselves. it just takes time.
Reply:It actually works best if you take the roses out of the vase, tie a string around them and hang them upside down to dry. It'll help keep the shape of the petals better, and the roses looking more like, well.. roses!

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