Tuesday, May 18, 2010

What can I do with dried rose petals?

I have dried pink petals from about 6 roses that are so pretty. I'm looking for a craft project or something I can make out of them besides potpurri.

What can I do with dried rose petals?
1..Make a decorated picture frame with them

2..Make a small wreath to hang in your room

3..Put them in a pretty glass jar with clear marbles on the bottom, then the petal and some babys breath (I did this and it is a very pretty addition to a desk or dresser or.........)
Reply:make them in to a center peice for a table put in a bath ...
Reply:Put them on cards or any other paper item. Flower presses are very pretty. OR Put them in a decorative basket or centerpeice, or spread them over something for decoration

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