Tuesday, May 18, 2010

What can i do with rose petals?

my boyfriend gave me two dozen of roses, now i do not want to throw them away after they dry out, what kind of things can i do with them? Any ideas, i would like to put them somewhere around the house.

What can i do with rose petals?
Make Rosewater! There are so many uses for it.
Reply:Make potpourri.

Make beads.

Use them in decoupage.

After the petals are well dried, you might even try making little sachets to scent your dresser drawers.
Reply:You could put them in a vase, or you could put them in little glass jars and add scent to them as a room deodorizer..
Reply:Press one in a book. After it is done flattening and drying, put it in a picture frame or a type of shadow box. Hang a dozen upside-down in a cool dry area so they can dry, then keep them in a dry vase in a special place. Take the petals from the other 11 and lay them out on some paper towels for about 2 or 3 weeks to dry then put them into a pretty dish with some cinnamon sticks or other dried petals and make potpourri.
Reply:You can press them in books...then use them as decorations in a photo album...


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