Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Why do petals on flowers get different colors?

Like roses...they are red and dandilions are yellow? how come? roses have many different colors but how do they make the colors with just the seeds to plant them?

Some flowers even have patterns on them. its amazing!!!!

but why?

Why do petals on flowers get different colors?
its just the gense and what not of the plant lol. u can get hormones that change them . xx = ] oh and putting food colouring into a flowers vase can change the colur of the petals lol .
Reply:Mother Nature. Not only do the red flowers have red they also have yellow, greens, purples etc. What you see is the predominant color, others are being masked out and the red light waves make them more pronounced. This is also what makes not only bees but moths, birds, ants etc to go to the flower for pollination. It's natures way of attracting them to the flower. Go online to get a better understanding of chlorophyl, carotene, xanthophyl to see how and maybe why will come to you. Most of the seeds produced will probably be the same as the parents if both were red. Who knows what color they will be if the Momma was red and Daddy was yellow. This is how biologist cross breed plants. The genes from mom and dad aare programmed into the little seed, which could be anything.. Some plants have patterns on them to control the amount of absorbtion from light rays
Reply:Many of them also have patterns that we cannot detect with our own eyes, but that will show up under ultraviolet light. The theory is that some insects see in ultraviolet hues and are attracted to certain colors. Flowers have adapted to show these colors in their efforts to be fertilized by insects.

It's purely for flower sex.

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