Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Why does my thread in the neddle on my sewing machine always come out when i puch the petal?

new at sewing thx

Why does my thread in the neddle on my sewing machine always come out when i puch the petal?

First off see if you got it threaded right. Check your instruction manual for this. If you theaded it right. The thread should move very freely, You check this by pulling the thread after you put it through the needle if it moves really good than you done it right but if it pulls hard than that the problem, If not than the problem is in the needle see if your are using too big a needle for the job or you don't have enough thread pull out of the needle for the machine to complete the stitch. Try pulling a few lenght ( about 12 inches) of thread away from the needle and lay it down and start sewing a test piece and watch what the thread does; If the thread move at all than the tension is not right or the botton is pull ing too much also check the botton for thread it must have thread in to do the stitching , I know this is fustuting but I'm try to help you here . If not than take it to a sewing machine repair shop or a sewing machine store- you can find them in the yellow page of the phone book and have them figure it out and when they do. Have them tell you I'm sure they will help you out.

Hope this helps
Reply:When the needle goes down (after you've threaded it in the up position), it pulls on the thread all the way back to the spool.... if there isn't enough thread available when it tightens, the loose end will get pulled back and often right back out of the needle's eye.

The solution is to pull *enough thread* all the way through the eye that it won't do that... I'd guess you should have at least 3-4" of thread tail exiting the back side of the needle (.... and btw, always pull that thread tail away from the needle, especially for the first few stitches, because otherwise it can be pulled down into the bobbin by the needle, where it will make a wadded ball of thread, then stop the machine --till you free it and start over).

Diane B.
Reply:Pull it about 2" through the eye, make sure the bobbin has thread also. Run it manually to pick up the bobbin thread, then manually on first stitch.

Want to also make sure the tension thing is not set to tight or loose.
Reply:you don't have enough thread going through the needle so when the petal is pushed down the needle moves and the thread comes out also make sure the material presser foot is down before trying to sew
Reply:You have to lower the shank and than lower the niddle manualy until it enters whatever you are sewing! i know a little!

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